World of Warships is ready for a major update.

Tomorrow, November 21, a massive update 0.7.11 will be installed on the online action of World of Warship. In it, users are waiting for the last part of the “Royal Navy” event, consisting of three stages. As before, users will be able to get special rewards for completing the assigned tasks.

Another interesting novelty will be the “Twilight battle” mode, which is similar to the Royal battle. The battle will take place on the “Ray in the darkness” map on the “forces of darkness” ships familiar to players from the last Halloween. In this case, users will have access to unique abilities that will be a good help during the battle, but do not forget that your enemy, among other players, is also Fel, gradually absorbing the territory.

In addition, in random battles of the tenth level, a new mechanic will appear — “Thunderhead”, which will add areas with different weather conditions in the location. Ships located in such zones will be able to get both positive and negative effects.

Also, the developers added new ships, made various balance edits, updated the port “Zipangu” and prepared for the new rating season.

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