World of Warships — Details of the new patch 0.7.12

The developers of Wargaming are preparing to celebrate the New Year holidays with a major update 0.7.12, with the release of which fans of the online action World of Warship will enjoy many interesting activities.

Thus, the upcoming update will meet the brave sailors with a new thematic event, called “The Name of His Highness!”. The event will be devoted to the heyday of armored ships, and its structure will include four directives, each of which consists of 10-11 tasks. For the implementation of the tasks, users will be able to get camouflage, containers, signals and steel.

And the most important reward will be the German battleship of the sixth rank Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

In addition, users will be able to access the two campaigns «The Mighty» Prince «and» Steel Giants, which will also allow you to earn various in-game bonuses. But that’s not all. Waiting for you is a revised Okinawa card, a ship premium subscription and the Snowflakes promotion.


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