World Of Tanks — the New nation will be Poland

In early may of this year, the developers of online tank action World of Tanks introduced into the game the Italian branch of armored vehicles, expanding the list of available users of the machines in eleven instances. Now it’s time to add another nation that will be with the release of the upcoming large-scale update 1.1. She will become Poland, so that in our disposal there will be ten tanks, one for each rank.

Low level of the Polish machines have relatively weak armor, but they are able to compensate for this high mobility and a slightly higher one-time damage compared to similar technology in other countries. The middle class is represented by tanks, are able to perform a variety of tasks, as they are in their characteristics are hybrids between light and heavy vehicles. In turn, the top models based on drawings from the archives, as it was never built in metal.

High level tanks are the true representatives of their class, they are quite slow but able to deal high damage to enemy vehicles.

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