World of Tanks — Polish armored vehicles are already in the game.

At the very beginning of August, Wargaming announced the upcoming appearance of another nation in the online action game World of Tanks — Poland, which will be available with the release of patch 1.1. And now, the long-awaited update by many fans of the game has been installed on the servers and now everyone can start mastering the new branch of armored vehicles. Thus, at the disposal of the players turned out to be as many as ten cars, each of which is designed for a certain rank.

In addition, the roster of maps available for battles has increased. Now tank battles will unfold in “Minsk” and “Studzyanki”. Also, the updated “Industrial Zone” has returned to the game, and some cards have received balance changes.

In addition, the update has added a new campaign of three operations and an automatic team search function for reinforced areas.

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