World of Tanks — Players rated wheeled vehicles

While World of Tanks online action developers are working hard on wheeled armored vehicles, test participants have already been able to evaluate the capabilities of this technology. Therefore, in order for other players to also get an idea of ​​future updates, Wargaming decided to publish a small infographic in which it collected the opinions left by users who had time to familiarize themselves with the armored vehicles. Thus, the majority of testers rated the technique “Neither good nor bad”, noting the clear need for its refinement.

In addition, the creators congratulated the community on the upcoming New Year and promised that in front of us no less steep events await us than in the past twelve months.

In the game itself, a festive event is now taking place, in which tankers can perform various tasks and receive a pleasant reward for it in the form of experience bonuses and consumable items.


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