World of Tanks — Large-scale battles already in the game

In the tank action World of Tanks, a fresh update has appeared, which added to the game a large-scale event “Frontline”. In the new mode, users will take part in a major battle. On the battlefield, up to 60 units of armor VIII of the shooting range will come into opposition.

At the same time, the location itself occupies 9 square kilometers. Thus, one of the teams will have to break through the defense of the other and blow up three of the five presented weapons, each of which has 3,500 units of strength.  

Of course, the scale of the fighting with such a huge number of tanks will be very unusual, however, in order not to delay the end of the battle, the developers limited the fight to twelve minutes. Unlike conventional battles, you can repair your tank at a special repair point and go back into the thick of the battle. This can be done only once per match.

In addition, players will be able to find equipment on the map, as well as apply a combat reserve. Such reserves are selected before the start of the match and vary on the type of armored vehicles selected. Users can take advantage of air strikes, artillery shelling and other useful bonuses.

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