World of Tanks — Final of the tournament in virtual reality was held

Moscow hosted the finals of the first world tournament World of Tanks VR. Large-scale tank battles in a virtual reality unfolded at the site of one of the largest VR-parks in Europe — VRPark City of Moscow in «Afimall city».

Beginning may 11, thousands of participants from Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Aleksandrova, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk Abakan and fought fierce virtual battle and found out the network of rooms PlayVR who among them will be the best VR-tanker. In the finals of the 32 fighters. Dmitry «FILIAL» Bazaikin from St. Petersburg received the main prize of the competition UAZ «Patriot» World of Tanks Edition. Dmitry Taranov from Saratov took second place, becoming the owner of a gaming laptop HP Omen.

The third step of the podium went up Kaplan Itachi Izhaev from Kislovodsk, which has received the virtual reality system HTC Vive Pro.

«I’m glad that during the tournament we managed to win the trust of not only the audience of the legendary «Tanks», but also captivate fans of virtual reality, a new exciting shooter, — said General Director of Neurogaming Yuri Krylov. The tournament ended with the triumph, but work on the game continues. We will strengthen the possibilities for tactical combat».

In the final of the tournament was presented a new game mode in World of Tanks VR: 4 on 4 match between two teams of players. Specially for this purpose developed a map of a higher size standard. On it players can coordinate using a variety of tactics.

The main feature of mode is that the victory is already less dependent on luck, and is the result of concerted actions of the team. Soon mode 4 on 4 will be available for visitors of all rooms PlayVR, but in the meantime, starting from June 10 wishing to try their hand at team battles on VR-tanks can come in a VR Park city in Afimoll, preferably big companies of 6-8 people.

Another announcement during the tournament was the release of a new game in the genre of escape room on the network rooms PlayVR. This was told Yuri Krylov and Sergey Kuznetsov, co-founder of a network of quests «Claustrophobia», that participated in the development of the game. VR quest is called Alpha CentaVR and promises to bring players a whole new experience.

Here the participants will need to use logic, spatial reasoning and even musical ear. Everyone will be able to play in Alpha CentaVR already June 13 in the network of halls PlayVR.

During the final Neurogaming also introduced the commercial version of the game PolygonVR — multiplayer shooter in virtual reality. There are no wires hampering player movement, and the possibility of a motion capture without the aid of bulky costumes. A few of the markers on the clothes allow us to track the position of the person in space and instantly recreate them in virtual reality.

This is due to the operation of the neural network, trained to smoothly finish the player movement. PolygonVR available in command-and PvP-modes and allows you to play 8 players simultaneously.

«We realized that the time for release PolygonVR in commercial access is, when played to people on different continents, — said Yuri Krylov. Parties from new York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Moscow were simultaneously in a single game space. This experiment took place during the largest festival of immersive technologies VRLA. To withstand such a test, PolygonVR showed he was ready for a commercial launch.»

Neurogaming spent streaming eSports VR tournament at three grounds: «Vkontakte», «Odnoklassniki» and «Youtube». At the end of the tournament streaming finale scored more than 300 thousand views.

Official partner of streaming finals was organized by the telecommunication company «Rostelecom». Tariff plan «Game» from «Rostelecom» is the best Internet for gamers, endless premium account, exclusive military equipment and pumped the crew in World of Tanks and World of Warships.

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