World of Tanks celebrates a kind of anniversary

Despite the fact that the online action World of Tanks was released in the summer of 2010, its story began a few years before — in December 2008, the developers of Wargaming, which was then a small studio, first pronounced the word “tank”. From this moment began a long and sometimes difficult journey, filled with many joyful events.

That is why the creators invite all lovers of armor and heavy weapons along with them to celebrate this kind of anniversary. And in order to express their recognition to the tank crew, the team prepared special gifts. Your reward will depend on the length of service, and you can get it from 28 November.

Please note that only accounts registered before December 31, 2017 will participate in the promotion.

As souvenirs, users will receive various medals, emblems, stripes, in-game currency and even equipment — the Soviet promotional light tank T-50-2. However, the latter relies only on players who have a tanker experience of more than 4 years.

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