World of Tanks — Approaching “Dark front”

Halloween — a wonderful time in this time many video games are a variety of temporary events dedicated to this holiday. Is no exception and online shooter World of Tanks. This month tankers waiting themed event “Dark front”.

Users to join in teams of five and fight the army of darkness that is managed by artificial intelligence. All participants in co-operative mode will be given useful bonuses.

In addition, in October, will be three temporary events. So, from October 16 to November 1 for tanks branch of the AMX 30 B will combat tasks for which performance will receive a nice reward. “Training maneuvers” will be held from 19 to 22 October. During this event, you will receive XP for the first victory of the day, which will quickly pump technique.

And from 26 to 29 the number of users waiting for bonuses in honor of the birthday of the Soviet designer N. F. Shashmurin.

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