World of Tanks — About the word of mouth

Developers of tank action World of Tanks decided to present a pleasant surprise not only to users of their projects, but also to history buffs. Since May 4, the official site of WoT has been updated with new materials from a series of unique stories about the events of World War II, heroic deeds and, of course, military equipment of those years. Each story is accompanied by vivid details and photographs.  

In addition, tankers in the game is waiting for a festive action. From May 8 to 14 you will be able to get good discounts on premium equipment, equipment and additional slots in the hangar, and from the 10th day the combat experience gained for the first victory per day will be increased five times. At the same time, World of Tanks Console is also waiting for discounts, tripled experience, special combat missions and an event for which you can get the Defender of the Fatherland tank, and the World of Warships team produced the video “Sea Legends.

Battleship “Marat”.

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