Way of making crystals

Crystals are one of the currencies in the game, on them you can buy some things and accelerate the construction of others, but their most important function is the purchase of builders to actively develop their base.

For all these operations you will need a whole mountain of crystals, and today we will tell you how to become the king of this mountain.


This method is one of the most profitable, since rewards are not often calculated at once by hundreds of pieces. But the time that you will have to spend to accomplish the achievements is also not worth writing off.

Here is a list of the most generous awards for achievements

  • Eliminator of crossbows — up to 200 crystals.
  • The taste of victory is 450 crystals.
  • A friend in need is 250 crystals.
  • Echoes of war from 25 crystals to 1000 crystals.
  • The hero of the war — from 50 crystals to 1000 crystals.
  • Ogneborets — from 100 to 1000 crystals, the more stars the higher the reward.
  • Star League — from 250 crystals to 2,000 crystals, depending on how many stars the achievement is made of.

Territory clearance

A good way to get hold of the crystals will be a constant clearing of garbage on your base. If you are lucky, then for one removed obstacle you will get 6 crystals. And if you stumble upon a box of crystals, you will get 25 pieces at once. This is also useful because it will be easier for you to equip your own base in a clean area. So do not neglect this way.

What not to spend

  • Contrary to the advice given by the game, you should not choose acceleration or instant construction for crystals. It is much easier to wait than to sit without workers. As an exception, you can use these services during the actions, when the conditions become very interesting. You should not also request the acceleration of clan support with the help of crystals.
  • Decorations that do not carry any practical benefit, but at the same time selling for crystals should also be on the list of things that you will never buy.


  • The main wealth is the workers who are bought for the crystals and each next will cost twice as much as the previous one. If the second you buy for 250 units, then for the fifth, prepare 2000.
  • Achieving the «Taste of Victory» is easy to accomplish at the very beginning, adding a little you can buy yourself a worker.
  • Join all sorts of leagues — this will give you a decent bonus to green jewelry, which you can really spend.