Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide — Update 1.6 Lorebook already on the test servers Today, February 9,

Today, February 9, on PTR servers the co-operative action Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide has been updated 1.6 Lorebook. This DLC is free for PC users and allows you to find scattered around the various missions of the game unique pages of history.

In addition, the Lorebook in Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide added Summoner’s mystery Peak, corrected many errors, such as the inability to change the sound volume in the game menu, formatting some text, and more.

There have also been balancing changes to most weapons. Thus, a strong attack with a Sword and a Dagger now affect up to two targets instead of three. Fixed error when using charged attacks with a rapier, increased damage from charging attacks with a Longbow against unprotected enemies.

Full list of changes can be found at the official community on Steam. Studio Fatshark Team asks you to share all found errors and bugs to developers as quickly as possible their work.

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