Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide — PTR became available 3 phase 1.6 Lorebook Beta

Today, February 28, on PTR servers the co-operative action Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide became available the third phase 1.6 Lorebook Beta. The developers encourage players to participate in the testing of updates by downloading the publictest on Steam.

This patch fixed an error that occurred in the second phase, which resulted in a decrease in the frame rate at the time, as he switched weapons, or other players have joined the game. Also fixed problem with game crash after collecting the pages of “Lorebook”. Optimized game performance and fixed many other bugs.

The development team actively supports the project and requests to join the testing of all fans of Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, as based on the feedback from the players is much simpler optimization, as well as more efficiently find and fix errors and bugs of the game.

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