Warhammer: The End Times — Vermintide — Meet the Karak Azgaraz Supplement

The release of the Karak Azgaraz add-on for the cooperative action Warhammer: The End Times — Vermintide. So now you have to visit three new cards, get two new weapons and get 3 new achievements. Also update 1.5 has been released.

Added a new HUD, which becomes available when you use the controller. Greatly optimized game client. One-handed weapon acquired significant balance changes.

Fire staffs now heat up more slowly during the activation of charge attacks.

Increased damage from: hitting with a one-handed hammer, one-handed and two-handed axes, crossbows and musketons. Bots have got all sorts of improvements (in terms of intelligence). The Star of the Sisterhood amulet will no longer blow up a barrel in your hands if an ally takes damage.

Default base hats can no longer be disassembled. Fixed bugs related to various types of skaven. Fixed recharge exploits.

A complete list of patch changes for Warhammer: The End Times — Vermintide can be found below.

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