Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide — Supplement Karak Azgaraz became available on consoles

Studio Fatshark has released a new expansion for the console version of their co-operative action of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. DLC called Karak Azgaraz already appeared in stores Xbox One and PS4. The players have to conquer the high, snowy Gray mountains, to thwart the evil plans of the enemy and get to the ancient halls of the dwarves.

Along with the addition in the game there are more number of innovations, such as the three edges of the card:

  • Khazid Kro depart travellers in the neighbourhood of the village;
  • The Cursed Rune — Gray mountains, snowy and harsh, fraught with many dangers at every step waiting for hapless travellers;
  • Chain of Fire is a Complex and sinister way to impregnable the top, where the heroes have to install the beacon.

In addition, for the witch Hunters and Dwarves Rangers are available to new weapons — Falchion and Warpick, respectively. Three new achievements are waiting for their heroes, ahead you will find many exciting adventures.

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