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Business card Warhammer 40K is without a doubt the space Marines. The most famous and most popular characters of this universe belong to the glorious old Adeptus Astartes. A bit of the least eminent of the Imperial Guard, Execution, and different extraterrestrial races that inhabit the galaxy the dim, dark future. Techpriests or Adeptus Mechanicus could never polytraumatic a similar fame, while the true fans of these representatives of the Imperium, of course, is.

With regard to video games, servant of Omnisio occasionally found themselves in the center of the plot of another project — they are usually assigned a secondary role.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus from Bulwark Studios aims to correct this misunderstanding. And let the name of the developer nothing says (Games Workshop true to tradition to work with little-known studios), it did not vosprepyatstvovat the French to make their second game is very exciting.

The glory of Amnisia!

Adeptus mekhanikus is probably the most independent organization of the Imperium. As the name suggests, it deals with everything related to the different mechanisms and devices, from simple to complex — like the Golden Throne of the Ruler. Their ancestral lands is industrial Worlds-smithy, which is designed to produce hundreds of thousands of complex machines, without which the Imperium would not be able to continue their existence.

Techpriests with a long time kept sufficiently apart with respect to all other servants of the Ruler. Strictly speaking, Mechanicus and it is impossible to call its citizens: long days they made the equivalent of an Alliance with the then still young Imperium of the population. The highest adepts, magosi, people like only remotely — a huge part of their bio bodies substitute different mechanisms.

Mechanicsof even the religion of another — the unprecedented rudeness to the country in which for the smallest lie should be strict punishment. The cult of Omnisio, or God-Machine, who is worshiped by techpriests, believes that the Governor himself is only the earthly incarnation of Omnisio and the highest value and the present manifestation of divinity is knowledge.

It is logical that in the pursuit of the latest information and secrets of the old designers, lost in the distant past, adherents of Omnisio show a true religious zeal. For their search of fragments SSC (a system of Standard Template Designs — database that contains information about an unlimited number of devices and machines made and lost 10s of thousand years ago) is the life goal and the main purpose of any of the Adeptus mekhanikus, from the neophyte to higher authorities.

For similar expeditions used gallakticheskom special ships called ARKS mekhanikus. These vessels may be relatively small, represents something of a field laboratory, and tremendous, the size of a large asteroid. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game overviewTechnogical quite specific way of communicating.Magos Domino's Faustini, commander of the 1st of these ARKS will study the planet Silva Tenebris that, as soon as it turns out, is a tomb of an old and powerful race of Necron.

Necrons — being without flesh and blood, soulless mechanisms, among which only the most powerful representatives are endowed with reason and motivation. In this case, the motivation is very ordinary — to kill those who dared to disturb the peace of the graves, because, according to the old order of their Lord, time to come back to life and re-conquer the galaxy has not come yet.

In those long times when not even the Necrons went to sleep, they — okay. If you continue to delve into the multifaceted and complicated story "sorokiniana", it is possible to get stuck forever. I wish you details about necronom, Omnisio, the Imperium and other things — read the appropriate literature, and for understanding of the plot Mechanicus pretty and this little educational program (which, I'm sure connoisseurs of "wahi" will find what to fix).

[Majestic] + [Mighty] = [lingua-tekhnis]: True

Any project Warhammer is a serious test fans for compliance with a unique universe, and hardly one passed the test without any reservations. In order to show the features of Omnisio servants and their enemies, the developers had to work hard. It is expressed not only in design and exterior design — here, as in most of the latest games at "Vaxjo", that's fine. Even more — music and audio effects that sound during the exploration of old tombs, is worthy of special praise.

But there are more worthy of attention subtleties: for example, techpriests talk among themselves in their language, the lingua-tekhnis resembling a mixture of native code and ordinary language — as they should be "Canon". Necrons, in General, speak a completely ordinary British.

Follow the dialogs immediately several of the main characters have to quite often that it is not the habit for this genre. Here on all cylinders turned Ben Kaunter (Ben Counter), Creator of a huge number of books publishing house Black Library, which is responsible for the literary base of all projects Games Workshop. Despite the rather specific style of communication, to understand the motives and aspirations of the characters is not difficult, but given the availability of alternative endings, even have the opportunity to affect their destinies.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game overviewMechanicus can literally collect, as a designer.

Grave robbers

However, turn-based tactics, to put it mildly, is not the same genre, where the plot is in the first place. Chat — and that's enough, give Necron shooting! However, not all at once: again, as is usual in such policies, the gameplay can be divided into two parts, friends since the first X-COM, — base management and battle with enemies.

In Mechanicus in the database role is the Ark "Cesta Metallican". It is here that we can upgrade technogical and their assistants, choose their equipment and augmentation, as well as plan the next landing in one of several tombs located on the planet. Each mission allows you to get a number of "black stone", which is needed to pump our soldiers, moreover, as a reward for the successful execution of the mission you can get new weapons and tools, improved vehicle and soldier. In the whole strategic gameplay here is pretty simple and some challenging tasks before the player puts it: if you remember the same X-COM, there he needs to pay much more attention. The only thing that will have to break down, — build an effective "build" for technogical.

After selecting the mission, formed the landing team, which can comprise as techpriests, and ordinary soldiers — no more than a dozen men. The tomb to explore, is a relatively small system of rooms, each of which is necessary to make a choice from several options. For example, found the altar Necron — wish to destroy it, to defile or to leave the room quietly?

Solve, but every choice has consequences, either positive like replenishment or negative — for example, increased initiative in the upcoming Necron tactical battles or some of your units can take damage. Something like Darkest Dungeon, is that room where you have to fight with the enemies, usually one or two on the landing. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game overviewPerhaps it would be a terrible insult to the Necron.Dally not worth it — the longer the squad is traveling, the higher the level of awakening Necron. It depends on the number of enemies in battle, their regeneration and initiative.

In addition, this parameter affects the overall level of awakening for the entire planet. Once it reaches one hundred %, all missions will be unavailable, but the battle with the final "boss". Not managed by this time well to "rock" your party — are to blame.

However, the last worry is hardly likely — the cause is too easy turn-based battles.

Knowledge is power

In part tactical battles Mechanicus a bit similar to the last XCOM, but the resemblance is likely external. For example, the developers completely abandoned as a system of shelters, and the calculation of the probability of hits — no more slips in first when the chance of ninety five %. The basic mechanics is the application of Knowledge points, or OP, replacing the usual action points. OP is not tied to a specific character, and can be obtained in different ways- to explore the special places on the map in each round to get from defeated enemies to use skills of technogical and many original ways. For example, there is a very funny skill of the servitors (the name of the servants and the weakest fighters Mechanicus): each of the ingress brings unit OP cannon fodder, and only.Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game overviewIn vain they stood so close together — I have enough OP to fry the whole bunch at a time.You can start the course at all without OP and end up with a full set, which each round resembles a puzzle whose solution should yield the most points.

Without this in any way: the use of different features of technogical, shooting and hitting with melee weapons, additional movement, treatment typically requires OP.

Necrons, by the way, in addition to the normal attacks also use special skills: repairing of damaged allies, teleport, burning acid and so on. But overall, in comparison with our technogically, they look quite pathetic and any serious danger is not present. It is difficult only the first few landings. Then, when you understand the mechanics of combat, and the garrison armed with something more serious starting equipment, all battles turn into beating helpless opponents.

The final battle looks so funny with a good team (and at this point you have it will be) the Necron Lord Seregon dies in one round, unable to do anything.

The excessive simplicity of the passage — perhaps the only serious drawback Mechanicus. It leads to the following low replayability, which is very critical for the genre. When every battle is so easy — and I have, for example, was just one bad landing, and that at the very beginning — the victory in battle, despite the interesting game mechanics, is not encouraging. Besides the campaign itself was very short. No opportunity to test himself again in more difficult conditions, with no tension from the possibility of losing good soldiers, and because it is an integral part of any such tactical strategy.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game overviewThe Necron, who can not oppose Mechanicus, even a little pity.***There is hope that the developers listen to the wishes of those gameplay seemed too easy, and will deal with this problem. In the end, the issues of balance and difficulty solved, even with patches, not to mention the DLC. And the potential additions of a very good campaign for the Necron would be fine for a good addon.

And there, staring, and other factions of Warhammer 40K universe will catch up, even for this, and will have to work closely on the adaptation of game mechanics to each race.

But that's okay dreams. However, if the passing game is causing such a wish means, Mechanicus quite possible.

Pros: music; design; original game mechanics, turn-based battles.

Disadvantages: low replay value, passage may seem too easy.

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