Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor — Martyr — New gameplay trailer

Studio Neocore continues to work on the upcoming action-rpg Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor — Martyr, which for quite a long time available for pre-order and play early access. Today the developers have announced the release of alpha 2.0 patch, which aims to balance classes and gameplay, add new objects and features, as well as improve the graphical component. On this occasion, Neocore released a new gameplay trailer. If to speak about full sheet of novelties, build in 2.0 we should see:

  • Improved performance;
  • The introduction of a system of galleries, as well as the first Tyr content;
  • Improved user interface;
  • Rebalance of missions and monsters;
  • Rebalance of skills available to both classes;
  • New perks and passive skills for the Assassin;
  • Improved lighting, quality of the graphics and changes to the renderer.
  • New modules of the investigation;
  • Sets of different weapons;
  • New two-handed weapons for the Assassin.

According to the developers, they are almost finished working on gameplay part of the project and will now focus their efforts on adding new content and features, as well as on the optimization of the game.

Recall that the game is available in early access, and the maximum set of «founder» is only $1000. Yes, dollars.

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