War Thunder has started a «new adventure» with valuable prizes

In the world of military equipment War Thunder began to celebrate the winter holidays Gaijin Entertainment launched the event «new adventure».

Participants can obtain decals, decorators, Camos, and exclusive premium appliances. Among the samples the last fighter MB.152C1 and Fw 190 C (France and Germany respectively), as well as Soviet self-propelled gun SU-85A and the American heavy tank T30. All these models were created specifically for the event.

Prizes will be provided in the form of premium coupons, which are then allowed to exchange for the appropriate equipment, decorations and camouflage. Coupons also allow you to sell to other users on the exchange.

Event «new adventure» will end on January 14. Read more about it on the official website War Thunder.

* Press release

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One