Victory against Russia would cost Wargaming to 36 million rubles

Today the national football teams of Russia and Egypt will meet in a hot match. Wargaming voted among the 100 000 players World of Tanks in the CIS, the vast majority of which, as well as among football fans, grown men, and is happy to share the results: 

  • 78% of tankers are considered the favorite team of Russia 
  • 22% hoped to win the national team of Egypt 

If you win, the Russian team, Wargaming will distribute «tankers»
 gaming property in the amount of 36 639 126 Russian rubles. In case of victory the national team of Egypt, the players voted for the team will receive 21 087 358 Russian rubles in the form of game assets. 

The study was conducted among the players by voting in social networks
 and continues at the moment

Wargaming team plans to continue to hold such a vote
 among his players in the matches of¼, ½ finals and in the finals.

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