[Translation] The Lord of the Rings Online — We invite you to know the legend!

Today, November 8, in the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online will open a progressive server that will allow fans of the game to relive the events of days gone by, creating new characters and going to meet adventures. Also on the eve of this event, the creators decided to answer frequently asked questions by users, with the translation of which we invite you to read.

“We invite you to know the legend!

We are happy to announce a new way to play The Lord of the Rings Online — the legendary server! Embark on an adventure in Middle-earth, following from one chapter to another, visiting recognizable locations, and making new friends, or meet with old ones, like Frodo, who is on the way, Gandalf and the whole fraternity of the ring.

We invite you to join us this fall on the legendary server and start the game again, creating new characters. Immerse yourself again in the full life of Tolkien’s universe, either for the first or the fiftieth time. At the very start on the legendary server, the beginning of the game, which takes place in Angmar, will be available, and then new regions and levels will be opened.

Become part of a legend in which all the characters are gathered in one place and the story is waiting to be written.


Frequently asked Questions:

What is the difference between the legendary and standard servers?

On a standard server, players can reach the maximum level (currently 120th) without any restrictions, and players continue their adventures after destroying the One Ring.

The legendary server starts only with content for level 50 and below, focusing on the history of the shadows of Angmar. Gradually, the level limit of the character and the plot content will be opened, giving players the opportunity to relive the story of the Lord of the Rings again with their friends!

Do I need a subscription to play on the legendary server?

The legendary server is available to VIP-subscribers, as well as lifelong VIP-subscribers.

Can we transfer characters to or from this server?

Players cannot transfer characters to this server. At the moment we have no plans to allow the transfer of characters from the legendary servers, at least until they caught up with other servers in the story.

Will I have the opportunity to enter the LotRO store, being on the legendary server?

Yes, but some items may not be available on the legendary server until the required level limit is opened on it.

Will there be skill trees on the legendary server?


Will it be possible to play for the guardian of the runes, defender or beorning?


Will it be possible to play for elves?



Will I receive gifts for the anniversary of the game when I create a new character?

Yes, you can still get your anniversary presents. However, some items with a level restriction that were given for pre-order, such as the Aria of Valar from Mordor, will not be available on the legendary server until it reaches the desired point along the plot.

Can I continue to play on my standard server?

Yes, the game on the legendary server does not affect your ability to play on other servers.

Will Standing Stone Games continue to work on standard servers?

Yes! We are not going to stop frequent and regular game updates on standard servers, and, moreover, we have plans for them.

Will I be able to transfer items on my general account from the legendary server to the non-legendary?

Unfortunately not. Transferring items to the legendary server will also be impossible.

Will there be a legendary PvMP server?

At the start of PvMP will not.

If I purchase a service or item that extends to my account in the LotRO store on a legendary server, will my purchase be extended to non-legendary servers?

Yes. In addition, previously purchased items for the account will work on both servers.

Do I need to download another game client to play on the legendary server?

Not. The legendary server will be available in the worlds selection menu when entering the game through a regular LotRO client.


Will the whole world and LotRO content be available to me when playing on a legendary server?

After some time, it will be, but not at the very start, since we take as a basis the plot of the Shadows of Angmar. The character level limit will be 50 at the opening of the legendary server, and zones and content for a level greater than 50 will not be available at first.

When will the content coming after Shadows of Angmar be available on the legendary server?

At the moment we are planning to expand the content available on the legendary server approximately every 4 months.

Will legendary items be available on the legendary server?

Not at the very beginning. As soon as the story of the Mines of Moria opens on the legendary server, you will have access to the legendary weapon.

Will I be able to play instances or skirmishes on the legendary server?

Traditional and level-scaled instances that correspond to the Shadow of Angmar plot and are available at level 50 or lower will be opened on the legendary server right from the start. Skirmishes and instances, calculated on the level after the 50th, will be available only when the story of the legendary server reaches the appropriate point.

Will there be a separate European legendary server?

Not. Players from all territories can play together on a legendary server, and players who speak German or French can play on a legendary server using localized clients.


Will there be festivals and events on the legendary server, dedicated to the memorable dates, like on other servers?

Yes, most festivals will be held on all servers, including the legendary. A very limited number of events can be held in regions that are not yet open on the legendary server, but they will be available when the corresponding story opens and the maximum level rises.

Can I use boosters on a legendary server?

The use of potions of experience is allowed, but players will not be able to acquire boosters at the character level (for example, the gift of Valar) while on the legendary server, until the plot and the maximum level move forward.

Is the legendary server a “classic” or “vanilla” server?

Following most definitions, the “classic” server is an attempt to restore LotRO as it was at the time of launch, using only those resources and content that were available in 2007.

The legendary server works together with already existing servers, and therefore contains many changes that the game has undergone over many years, such as improving the interface, fixing bugs, changing gaming systems, and so on. In those cases in which we have updated or changed the appearance of the regions, the legendary server uses newer versions of these regions. In those cases in which we have changed items or class abilities, the legendary server uses updated versions. Some content or gameplay that does not fit the current level limit on the legendary server may be temporarily closed until the story goes forward and the level bar does not rise (you can’t just go and enter Mordor on the legendary server until it comes time).»

Translation from Shinimas. Original material.

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