Translation: Pirate MMO Atlas complex, zabagovannaya, but intriguing

Early access Steam recently, a new multiplayer project called Atlas. Although the game has a lot of interesting content such as the study of the seas sailing, treasure hunting, battles with monsters and castle sieges, as in other games of this genre, the users most of the time you spend for preparation for these activities. The portal Polygon decided to find out what is Atlas at the moment, and we invite everyone to read the translation of this material.

“The developers of the MMO pirate Atlas, which is in early access, and promise that in their game you will have to wait for the real adventure, whether it be the study of Islands, crossing the seas with wind-filled sails, battle with monsters and Ghost ship and building your own pirate Empire. All this is really to do in the game, but don’t expect that access to such lessons will be immediately open to you.

A large part of the gameplay in Atlas is reduced to a routine, during which you prepare to participate in the passage of the aforementioned interesting content. The game is still very raw, so become a legendary pirate is almost impossible, and at the forefront of tracking the level of vitamins in the body and the search for Islands that have not yet been completely cleaned from the natural resources of ore.


Playing Atlas for the first time, I wasn’t able to achieve almost anything. At this stage, I can reliably log into the game, while me kicks from the server after about every third run. Going into the game the first time, I saw a text that can familiarize me with the game.

The game advised me to talk to dealer to purchase my first ship, but then warned that to afford one I can only after taking a bunch of resources, plus I need to get more if I plan to survive in the open sea. A window with the text, constantly hanging in the upper left corner of the screen, talked about the combat system, but I never engage in while in the walls of the port city. Running around only other players who didn’t know what to do next, just like me.

General chat was surprisingly polite, however, no one told me how to buy a boat. People were busy trying to understand why the use of the bed caused a white screen, which it was impossible to close.

«With the beds now the problem is», said one of the players. I decided not to ask questions. A bug with the beds sounded like a much more serious problem than my dilemma.


The feeling from my first session in an Atlas is difficult to convey in words. It was like non-existent games that show crime series about hackers and the new York police. Due to a combination of outdated graphics, bizarre AI animals and bad interface Atlas there is a game from the distant past.

I spent 20 minutes reading tutorials, running around the port city and the initial distribution of skill points before I jumped the fence and began to beat him with his fists, the cactus, which fell resources. Start the game in Atlas cannot be called well thought out, but Atlas borrows quite a lot of mechanic from other games is about survival, so when you have learned basic mechanics and learned how to get resources, to understand what to do is easy. Imagine that you ideally speak Spanish, trying to navigate in the Italian city.

There are things that are incomprehensible, but overall the languages are quite similar, so you can more or less figure out where to go.

The journey by sea should theoretically be interesting and fun, but there it was. Once you launched your raft comes time to find a piece of land that you can take to build a shipyard. I joined the company and learned from them Discord’and that the seizure of land and the construction progressing rapidly.

While my company was engaged in the construction of protective walls and mines, I studied the map and realized that all the locations nearby have already been captured.


If you believe Reddit, then those who were able to conquer the land and begin construction, having a hard time. High-level, company can take your building by storm, using shovels and torches, which for some reason are extremely effective weapon against defenses. Large Chinese company of players teamed up, conquered most of the world Atlas and have started collecting resources so much so that they do not have time to respawntime, which players from other time zones do not get anything at all.

Construction of ships at shipyards is a subtle art. The players spent a lot of time and resources for the construction of ships, which immediately crashed upon the slightest contact with a solid surface of the dock, which makes all efforts went down the drain.

Even the basic mechanics of survival caused the players dissatisfaction. It is not enough just to eat — you have to monitor the level of vitamins in the body, and this is such a complex and confusing task that the players suggest to just suck it up and die. For many, eating vitamins does not fit with the image of fearsome pirates.

Instead of having to suffer from scurvy, some players have expressed developers protest, choosing death by starvation.


Despite the fact that my impressions of the game were negative, I have to admit that she has potential. The game constantly put new patches, and the developers listen to player feedback. In addition, the game is a lot like EVE Online in which the territory is constantly changing owners. All these companies working together are the only larvae that can grow into a mighty Empire.

If the probability that a land grab is in the past, and to replace him come the rental. Companies will form alliances, and instead individuals trying to build a rotten raft, the stage is the big companies that put trade ships on stream.

Yet Atlas is very crude in all senses of the word. The game is not only no elaborate mechanics and user-friendly interface that is common for games in early access, but the game’s community is still in embryo. Slowly a handful of players, the fact is that the whole process is rather sluggish.

Without a doubt, there are those who can appreciate the competitive aspect of the Atlas is appreciated. Anyway, I’m glad this game exists, even if it was not for me. I hope that it will continue to evolve and developers will be able to realize the potential that I saw.”

Translation from Shinimas. Original material.

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