[Translation] Path of Exile — Betrayal returns to the game Bestiary, Intervention and Descent

In early December, for action/RPG Path of Exile will be released a major update to 3.5.0, release of which players will be available to new League “Betrayal” opens the space for further adventures. The portal Massivelyop.com decided to find out what’s new store developers from the Studio Grinding Gear Games for fans of the game. And we, in turn, we invite you to see the entire translation of this material.

“December update Path of Exile: the Betrayal returns to the game Bestiary, Intervention and Descent, and improves the system of a household.

Every time Grinding Gear Games released a new update or patch for Path of Exile, and they come with surprising regularity, there is a dilemma. Each new League they do interesting and you really want to play, but something new comes out, when much of the old is not yet completed! Frequent updates is certainly good, but the casual player never has time to play old content, when it was replaced by a new one.

If you agree with this statement, the following update is made especially for you! New update for Path of Exile, bears the name of Betrayal, comes out December 7 and will be the biggest addition to the game for a long time. It is not surprising, since this update collects all three previous!

In fact, it is the culmination of the annual plan, GGG, the company has gradually implemented to the game.

How such a mega-combination of different updates in one will work? We’ve interviewed the game’s producer Chris Wilson, discussed the details of Betrayal, beginning with a focus on content from a few early updates to its unique storyline, new abilities and items. And, of course, we asked about the new League.


Collecting all together

Playing Path of Exile for many years, it would be hard not to remain impressed by interesting changes in the new leagues. Each League was different from the previous one, is not borrowing any elements. Still the same could be said about all releases of 2018. It turns out that Grinding Gear Games all the time was the plan, and updating the Betrayal reveals and connects all the other previously released add-ons together. Wilson explained that the plan was to update the content of the Masters, which was introduced in 2014.

These old masters (Haku, Catarina, Elreon, Tora, Vagan, Zana, Leo, and Vorici) «was part of the game for several years, and the players they knew and loved, but this love gradually faded as we pretty much haven’t updated related content,» said Wilson. It is clear that the players are tired of years of doing the same missions from these masters from day to day. Therefore, in 2018, the goal was knock out the old masters and to introduce new ones. Can you guess what kind of new masters is it? Yes, Einhar from the Bestiary, Alva of Intervention and Niko from the Descent.

And Betrayal will be introduced late master Jun Ortoi, which we describe later. With the launch of the Betrayal, all the old masters except the master cartographer, Zana, mysteriously disappears. Their place will be a new wizard, through which players will get access to new content.

According to Wilson, each set of missions «is the result of three months of development by a team of more than 100 people, not two weeks of work of a team of 10 developers, as it was before».

So what kind of content is it?

Your new master

My first question was on the theme of the Bestiary. I really liked everything else, but the Bestiary was my favorite League. Wilson explained that after meeting with Einhar that will lead players on a hunt to catch the beast. Unlike the League, to throw the network will be the master, so that the players can on this account not to worry. The captured animals will be recorded in the book-the bestiary and can be used to create objects.

Unfortunately, the zoo in its former shape the game’s not coming back. Says Wilson, the menagerie could have been very easy to recreate, but the players didn’t like that the Studio is spending resources on something like that. If you miss him, like me, don’t worry — Wilson said that «we Have some interesting plans for the future.»


I never had enough of the Interference and descending (although the Descent is not over yet). New masters will give me a chance to go through this content. When meeting with Alva, the players can go in a lot of Interference in the temple of Baal, to disappoint and to find good loot.

Will Niko, with all its wonderful technology, which will allow players to go down into the mine. One difference compared to the old Slopes, as Wilson said, will be that the sulfite will meet not so often, but when the players finds it, it will get a lot more that will contribute to longer descents.

Another old master Zana will still be responsible for high-level cards. Remains only the last fifth master named Jun Ortoi. Thanks to the players will be able to pass the content of the League of Treason (and when the League comes to an end, the content will be available in the base game).

Betrayal — a new League

And as always, the new League will fully absorb all of my free time, thanks to a new interesting gameplay. The main theme of Betrayal is the investigation of the criminal cartel. There is even a Board with important notes and drawings connected by lines showing how the characters relate to each other. Seeing this I was greatly intrigued! What kind of organization we’re trying to expose?

Immortal syndicate. The syndicate found a way to resurrect their fallen members, bringing them back to life using an artifact stolen from Jun Ortio and Orders the Genie to which it belongs. Jun Ortio will need your help to find out who is the main syndicate what they want, and to stop their plan.

Players will investigate four branches of the syndicate: fortification, transportation, research and intervention. Chris explained that this includes the relationship of the characters, items they own, and who is above whom in the hierarchy. This is where it all gets really interesting.


Each of the branches of the syndicate has its own type of combat situation. With all the fortification is immediately clear from the title. Here you will have to deal with the fortifications that protect the resources of the syndicate. During the mission to transport the players will have to stop the convoy carrying resources.

In the study, players will find an underground laboratory, where they will prevent the members of the syndicate to destroy the evidence. And the mission of the intervention means that you sufficiently annoy the syndicate and he sent your soul assassins!

All 18 members of the syndicate at first unknown, but gradually the players will get more and more information revealing the first «sixes» and then leaders. But the players will not only receive information, they will be able to use it! In each of the zones of the game world will be the forces of the syndicate, and the players have to deal with a member of the organization when they find him (or with several members as his aid often comes in crime). After defeating them, the player will have a choice of what to do with.

Whether they will interrogate them to get more information or try to negotiate? Maybe the players simply executed the defeated member of the syndicate for that raise in the post, because he was not given important information? And maybe players will be able to persuade the member of the syndicate to betray his friends? Each of the solutions will be stored, and when the member of the syndicate will raise, he will remember everything that happened.

All decisions will have consequences. Using these methods, players will be able to manipulate the internal structure of the syndicate, who is in high positions, who is in jail, and who is at the base of each of the branches of syndicate, which will have to fight for the desired loot.


On the bases of the syndicate players will have to face the boss. When players get enough information about the database that is displayed counter progress, they can make him a RAID. There they will battle with all the members of the syndicate, directed to this office (perhaps among them are those who sent the player to get a certain loot), and after the victory you can get all of the chests in the living room.

Wilson noted that different bases will give the items different features so it will be important not only who you send to the base, but also on what kind of database you send them. In addition, these databases you will receive information about the headquarters of the syndicate where the leader of the entire organization. And this leader is the final boss of Betrayal.

Although I am not a hardcore player that will use the system of the syndicate to the maximum, but I would be very interested to carry out all these investigations. I believe that the combination of an interesting plot and the possibility to investigate just perfect. The game will make it even more exciting is the fact that all 19 characters (Jun and all the members of the syndicate) presented and their dialogues contain over 40,000 words!

Shelter, fashion, and other

Thought this update introduces a lot of new? And we haven’t done. Asylum will undergo a lot of work.

The most important change is that players no longer need to create another refuge from the start of the new League! Instead, refuge will be saved into templates you can just download and avoid having to re-create your shelter. When we have the opportunity to create a template, it will be possible to keep all the sanctuary along with decorations. I have to admit I’ve never touched the system of shelters (and I’m a terrible fan of system of a household) because didn’t want to come home from work and spend a lot of time on decoration, then it all went down the drain and would have to redo everything again.

It would be a shame if the house would have disappeared, so I decided I’m not even going to try to create your own. But now I have no reason to restrain myself! Now you can without any second thoughts to dive into this system, knowing that all progress will be saved.

I can even switch between different outdoor shelters to personalize them and not be afraid that they will lose all the work done in another shelter. Shelters now open in the game. They are either given to you as you progress through, you can just stumble upon them and clear them from enemies, and they will not be associated with any particular master.

Keep in mind that templates can be transferred to other players! If you don’t want to waste time on the decor of your house, you can just buy a template from someone else.


Shelters play an important role in creating the items from the masters. We are talking about the craft, available only from the masters inside your shelter, allowing you to modify your items. This system has been redesigned and has an improved interface (Wilson thinks it not worthy of a special mention), and also changed how the extracted new recipes (and now the most delicious!). You’ll never have to grindith mission of the masters to fill the bar reputation and get access to the right recipes.

Instead, players will be able to access the recipes through the achievement system, just passing the game and performing various tasks in the missions themselves masters (slopes, hunting for monsters and intervention in the temples). Wilson also noted that many mods are tied to places and situations in such a way that it makes sense. For example, the mod of the poison attached to the room with the poison of Interference.

Wilson expects that the wiki will be updated quickly enough, once players will find where and how to get various recipes.

In the League there is a Betrayal of the chance of the goals will drop any of the new 15 mods, which are quite rare and unique to this League. Jun Ortio will open the item for players that will reveal three possible modifier. After this the player will need to choose one of three mods.

A little randomness, a little choice — the Golden mean. Wilson said that these modifiers are unique and can not find them on other things, and that they possess three useful features. First, you can specialize the item the way you want. Secondly, these options for crafting can be used to create other items.

Thirdly, the more you craft these mods, the more he can rise in level and become stronger.

Angamaly Atlas has also been updated and now it displays the daily mission from masters, called hunts. When the mission is active, you receive a special icon and it will appear only on maps where the player can get without problems. When a player enters a certain map, he will meet with the wizard, whose icon appeared previously and will be able to take his mission. As for the cards, Wilson announced that the game will introduce new maps, one of which is mushroom cave from the Descent.

The important point is that, according to Wilson, the challenges will appear randomly and are not dailies, and the more you play, the more chance of occurrence of the mission. At the moment each of the masters gives the mission once a day, but Wilson promised that the frequency of appearance may change after further testing.


Of course, this update will introduce new skills. In total there will be 10, including new or modified skills. One of the skills brings into play a completely new mechanic. Two of these skills called Storm Brand (Mark of Storm) and Winter Orb (the Orb of Winter). The rest of the skills will be revealed closer to the release of the update.

Personally, I really want to try out the Sphere of Winter, which is a floating Orb, firing at enemies, exploding shells, and the more it increases, the faster it will shoot. Players can learn different ways to change this skill, including an increase in the affected area and duration of action.

Some players may be interested in the Label of the Storm and the new mechanics tied to this skill. Tags are runes that are imposed on the group, which are transferred to the enemies if they get too close. These labels continue to be activated until they cease to operate or will not die, all enemies (in the second case, the skill is updated again and is waiting for the appearance of new enemies!). Specifically Mark Storm jumps to the middle of three enemies, plus causes damage to the area.

Combining this skill with support gems like chain or increased radius, you can make it even stronger.

Special thanks to Chris Wilson for the information. The release is scheduled for December 7!”

Translation from Shinimas. Original material.

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