Total War: ARENA — General try on new outfits

Developers free strategy Total War: ARENA decided to acquaint users with the upcoming upgrade and published his detailed description. The main innovation will be the faces of generals, which will allow you to change the appearance of the characters and will be the first step towards a wider system of customization.

So, the patch 3.1.6 adds to the game two new “outfit” for the three heroes of Germanicus, Kinani and Arminius. In addition, users will receive absolutely free look for Vercingetorige that “rejuvenate” the commander. Also the creators of the game will make changes in the economy of silver, designed to balance the recovery cost of the loss and fix the problem of the sharp increase of the players who have reached level VII.

In addition, the update has made changes in the user interface, allowing the opportunity to view the list of users with whom you recently played, and the button unit experience appeared special scale that displays information about the progress of the research.