This Is the Police 2: Tips

Developers This is the Police 2 tried to stick to the same concept as in the original game, but to diversify the game with new features. The plot unfolds in a short period of time, starting from November 21 and ending on November 31, when you see the final credits. In comparison with the first part, it seems little, but in fact it is identical to game addictive you to the monitor for four or five days.

In addition to our passage, where we have described all the challenges the first few days, every investigation, told how to pass successfully the assaults or what you will get for specific tasks, we suggest to familiarize with a list of tips that will help you to prioritize and simplify life «Nash».

In principle, the main spoiler is not so main: Nash is a fictitious name, and concealed beneath it GG first game – Jack Boyd. He will manage a section in the frosty Sharpvue.

Tips for cops

• Every COP has six attributes – intelligence, strength, shooting, speed, stealth and negotiation. These attributes are, first, allow you to successfully navigate the challenges, and secondly, you’ll unlock different perks. Each attribute can be pumped by three points. In the first paragraph of any of them you unlock two perks, for the second and third one, but the most powerful.

For example, a very useful passive skill «Ninja», which allows you during the storm to make not two, but three moves before a COP will be discovered.

• To obtain point attribute, you must increase the overall COP rating of 50 units. You will get points for every 50 units rating (but refers to rounded values of 400, 450, 500, 550, etc.).

• Also, the cops can suffer from alcoholism. They are constantly coming to work drunk. In the future you will be able to cure them for $750, but it will happen somewhere in the second third of December, when you will help one of the residents of the city with a special challenge.

In addition, cops can wear hats or go without them. Cops with hats fully trust Jack, without hat – refuse to go it alone on trips, to perform specific tasks, and during a storm will wreak havoc, deciding on their own, as they «walk» (in most cases, simply shooting enemies). These cops don’t want to work every day (only through a change).

• And every COP is a unique individual. Let not all available in the game, but many of them have their «kinks». For example, the old Indian Leyva will continue to lose the items, the girl Spurlock, even if you earn her trust, to not ride on calls with the cops, below its rating, and Kurosawa will refuse to work after his fatigue will drop one-third of the maximum.

That’s not all. There are people who do not want to work in the evenings/night, etc

Tips on passing This is the Police 2

The Spurlock «in all its glory».

• Every COP there is a standard set of objects: handcuffs, a revolver and a large knife. Additionally, Boyd buys tasers, tasers and cartridges, pepper spray and batons. You can equip them to your cops so they can use the items in the challenges or storms.

Tips for calls

• Most calls can be successfully completed using various items that are issued to your cops. If you have no options and you can use a big knife, and do it. Let you kill the criminal, but, at least, do not fail the challenge.

• If the call says that you need to sneak up to the criminal, then a COP with a secret. It was observed that in 99% of cases, a COP with any suitable attribute. In this case, you complete the challenge successfully.

• For a failed call to have the cops take away 10 points from the overall rating. For a successful call – add 10 more, and whoever made the last, decisive act – 30 points.

• For the arrest of the offender in the investigation, you get 50 points. The same for the prosecution.

• As tempting as it was not, don’t send a lot of cops. They get tired, at first few and you simply may not be enough police for all calls.

• As always, a game about challenges. Carefully read the description of each to figure it out. Sometimes the complaints are ridiculous.

In any case, in our passage are almost all false calls (look in the middle of the article).

• Special calls and personal requests – unique tasks. In the first case you open the access to various shops, coaches attributes, places of recreation. These challenges will appear daily and need not perform.

But personal requests have a timer, just like normal tasks. For their fulfillment you will receive various items and/or money.

Tips for assaults

• Before the storm choose not tired of cops, all with hats, and maximum ride (and I mean not only the overall rating, but also the attributes). In the latter case, you will have more perks to choose from.

• At the end of the day you get the tabs, so if you want to win more, the criminals need not to kill, but to arrest. Also the enemy can be hurt, and if you manage to complete the challenge before he dies, the enemy is not killed, but arrested.

• To deal secretly with the enemies, you can use various items.

• The knife is default – go to the enemy close (diagonally) and hit the knife to silently kill.

• Revolver – can one shoot the enemy silently if you take the appropriate perk. In all other cases, you will hear enemies.

• The club needs to approach the enemy by one hex (diagonally) and hit. He will be stunned for two turns. Used unlimited number of times for assault.

• The Taser is also required cartridge is used once, you can shoot from a distance. Stuns the enemy for four turns.

• Shocker – you need to look closely, you can diagonally. Stuns the enemy for three turns. Used a few times for assault.

• Pepper spray – you can spray close or at a distance of two cells. Stuns the enemy for three turns.

• A stun grenade – stuns all enemies in the scope explodes, attracting the noise. The stun lasts for two moves. You can throw to a distance (about five or six hexes).

• You can try to arrest every enemy. For this you need to stand very close to him, but not diagonally (!!!). The enemy without stunning it’s hard to arrest. Do note that when you hover over any object appears semi-circular dial of white color which is filled with orange stripes.

So the more orange, the higher the chance for success.

• For example, if you stand near the enemy and want to shoot him, the scale is almost full, but if you are away from it, it will be filled to the eighth part.

• Accurately capture an enemy only if he is stunned or you aim under the perk, the course limit movement.

• Secretly should work until then, until you raised the alarm. And she was raised may, if you stay near the enemy, will continue its course and he’ll look in your direction (if you stay two steps behind the enemy and he will go from you, then he will not notice), you will get up close with the enemy (an exclamation mark – it signals that the enemy has noticed you), but will not be able to defuse it, the enemy will find you. Also, the enemy might suspect something from a distance to see you or a dead/stunned/arrested ally.

He will not see its arrested ally, got that will lie close to, but outside the box.

• Once over the enemy will be «question mark», he wants to explore his suspicions. If this happens at the beginning of the course, he immediately goes to inspect the place and just raise the alarm. If it will move and then you notice something suspicious, and guests, the following step will perform the next move.

If he noticed you, then you can just hide, but if its ally then he must go to him and raise the alarm. Therefore, such «interrogative enemies» we need to get rid of.

• Murder with a revolver – all idea if the alarm was raised. You can shoot in the head (instant death), the hand (the enemy can’t shoot, but will be up to you to run around the battlefield), the foot (the enemy cannot move, but will fire) or the abdomen (the enemy can neither move nor shoot). Hitting the limbs is a complex task, in the stomach – the easiest way. In all cases, except the head, the enemy will be wounded and will die after a certain number of moves.

Therefore, in order to arrest him, you must either refer to a machine or perform a task until he died.

• Shoot in the foot here. The fact that after being wounded in the leg or arm, the next shot can be performed only in the head automatically, so it will be fatal. You can’t knock weapons out of hands, and then get up.

If you want, just shoot in the stomach to knock and feet, and hands.

• Always pay attention to the likelihood of falling, hide from enemies, so they do not hurt you. There is a very good perk that increases the chance to Dodge the bullet.

• Before the storm you can unlock different clues. Make it optional (there are some exceptions) but giving evidence, you will receive tips. They can be read, and you can see the symbols on the map.

• During the assault, hover over the upper left corner, left click and move the cursor on the map. This will open the schema to simplify the orienteering.

• Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen so you can switch between cops and explore the available perks and items.

The best perks for assault:

• The first shot is silent.

• Aim at the enemy, and temporarily immobilize him for one turn (easier to arrest).

• «Ninja», increasing the number of actions from two to three. Note that passive skill only lasts as long as you are invisible.

• The perk that allows you to move on.

• Perk that makes you invisible.

• Questionable advantage comes from the perk that increases the range of vision and allows to see enemies at a greater distance.

• If you need to get through the window, then take the perk that allows them to hack. Smash and RAM the door with another perk, but in such a case, anxiety rises.

• If you want to defuse the bomb, then take the appropriate perk (intelligence). Also useful is the skill of negotiating in the form of «walkie talkies». When using it, you get an extra turn before the explosion.

• If you know that during the storm, be exchanged, select perks that increase accuracy, enabling additional shot (clover) or three shots from a revolver.

Tips for investigations

The developers changed the investigation. Now you have two suspects (and maybe three), and the number of collected evidence and photographs depend on the intelligence of your COP.

• If you immediately send the icon to the investigation COP with high intelligence, he will bring all the evidence (five pieces) as well as some pictures. The less intelligence, the less good. The lack of intelligence can lead to a lack of evidence.

• Subsequently, you will have every day to send one to three cops. Each of them can look for clues for the first photos of the suspect, the photos for the second suspect. If evidence was found all five pieces, you should not send in their search COP.

To save time and COP, use our passage, where the name of the perpetrator.

• A COP with one intelligence will bring one photograph for the suspect, two two, three three.

• In most cases, to provide a complete sequence, you need to get all six photos.

• You can get six photos on another suspect and arrange the sequence so that it can be blamed. But in this case will be the court and declare the suspect innocent. If you’ve got a judge, over a certain amount, he can turn a blind eye to the mismatch of evidence and put an innocent man behind bars.

• Once you blame someone, it should be arrested. The suspects are in one of two places, and they are painted so that it is clear when and where to go in the afternoon or evening. In any case, you can arrest the suspect the next day.

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