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Library Nintendo Switch is rich not only reissues the Wii U remaster of games from portable consoles from time to time also meet there. For example, this month released The World Ends with You, which remember to owners of the DS unique combat system with the introduction of the 2 small screens. Then the game was moved to mobile platforms, and now with the subtitle Final Remix the project appeared on Switch.

The word "final" in the title means that the creators TWEwY — including producer and designer Tetsuya Nomura (Tetsuya Nomura) — say goodbye to the game and present to the public a more complete version. How good did she get out?


The player assumes the role of Neku, a sullen child who can not endure people and is made to wear huge headphones, not to hear a lot of hateful passers-by. He awakens on the street in one district of Tokyo and doesn't remember how it turned out. Then he learns that became the participant of a game called The Reapers’ Game, but still is in some kind of parallel reality — the people around do not behold him and know about his presence.

The rules of the game for such chelovekovedenija absolutely nasty — it binds the other party, coupled with which you need to live with for a number of days, solving handout "leading" puzzles. Later found Some other poor devils, met with the organizers of the game, learns all sorts of creepy potency and over time becomes kinder. At first it was terribly annoying with their own hostility towards those who try to talk to him, and it seems sad, a notorious grouch.

Fortunately, after a couple of hours the hero changes, and occurring around events is observed with unflagging enthusiasm. Great stories never become obsolete, and The World Ends with You after 10 with superfluous years draws from the first minute thanks to the pleasant characters, verified the tempo and just a good story.

Well, game looks like before fashionable. Redrawn the streets of Tokyo look great on display Switch and do not give the age and the roots of the project. The characters are also beautiful, but here there is nothing surprising — Nomura knows how to create characters that become attached immediately after meeting with them. Well, music and quite astounding — what song may hear, immediately comes the desire to find it on the corresponding websites and listen to separately from the game. From time to time tracks with vocals interfere with to understand the dialogues during the negotiations of the characters, but it's the little things.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix game reviewAs 10 years ago, kids talked, and at the moment talking.That little thing known for sure is impossible, it is difficult to control, which came out terrible. This also applies to stationary mode, and — to a lesser extent — portable. If you are going to play on the TV, it is better to throw this idea on the other have to wave "jolkona" in the course of the game.

The fact that the combat system is not based on the compositions of buttons, and playing those or other actions for methods of use. In the Arsenal certain to be in the 10's of icons, among which you choose desirable. One will allow for you to set fire to the ground (you need to hover the mouse on the ground), others will be able to summon from the ground a block of ice (to hold the cursor from the bottom up), etc..

In stationary mode, all that needs to be done with the help of "daikon", moving it in different directions and using so Makar, equipped with icons. At what point will allow you to return the cursor to the center of the screen than have to use posovremennee — enemies can stand from different angles. To get used to such management possible, but at some point you catch yourself thinking that you will take only those badges that are comfortable to "draw" in the air.

Even if a certain technique will be stronger today, it is better to part because of the inability to represent "jolkona" circle or another shape.

It's not as creepy in portable mode, and it is not without problems. If in stationary the movement of the character through the town is the stick, the buttons on the "jonnah" are not used in General. You can unhook them from the screen and not think about their existence, as even the menu buttons do not work. Completely in portable mode you make taps on the touch screen: and move, and use "magic", and interact with the characters.

Because of this, the clashes appear to be a nasty situation when you are trying to light a fire under surrounding the hero's enemies, and instead move to the side — the game simply does not think that you wanted to make, because both actions used the monotonous clicking.The World Ends with You: Final Remix game reviewAvailable icons with timers located in the highest part of the screen.


So as to TWEwY no play, discomfort in anyway you will experience. But the memory is not very hard — the game is quite usual, and to finish the storyline campaign will work without special problems even with such control. Battles with the "bosses" here light, clashes with ordinary enemies also do not take much time. Random battles in the game there is only you choose when and with whom to fight. To do this, use the icon in the corner of the screen, showing surrounded by "noise" — the so-called various kinds of monsters, from which Neku and his partner often necessary to get rid of.

You can set the difficulty of the battles for more high-quality rewards to reap some "noise" in a row, to fight the waves of enemies, if you desire to raise the level or to increase the chances of getting a badge.

The combat system seems at 1st glance confusing, but very rapidly begin to understand. Levels icons increase when they are used, and in some cases, they can evolve into even more devastating techniques. First Some available, not all the cells in inventory, but then he will be able to take a descent 6 icons, and think about what part of their required time to recover, have occasionally — not yet available one, you can use the other.

We should not forget about the partner, which will change as you progress through than often you carry out with him the joint attack, the faster you activate a powerful special technique, the strength of which is dependent on furrorov in an easy mini-game.

On the strength of each icon's influence and how popular it brand in the field in which you start the fight. If nasienie for yourself (and this applies not only icons, and clothes — she's here instead of armor) unfashionable, opponents you will not inflict the greatest damage. But if for earlier to look at the card and study the trends, and later to arrange the inventory icons appropriately and buy in the shops and buy the clothes, the result will be another attack will be at least twice stronger.

To pay attention to it is optional, but the mechanics at least unique.The World Ends with You: Final Remix game reviewDuring the version for the DS, this was excusable not to know.Outside of fights TWEwY also offers many fun episodes. Access to the attached region, which usually need to get through the story, often closed — it is necessary to bring the "guard" certain icons or actually pass a test on knowledge of the enemies and environments.

From time to time Neku and his friends have to read people's thoughts and even seep into their heads, collecting memes (not the ones that you are surfing in social networks, a word or phrase from the internal monologues of passersby) and making the minor characters to say or what to think.

But the horrible management is still very frustrating, as if Square Enix to spit wanted on convenience and not allocated to developers with the budget to create the regular version for burning console. The game as it wants to advise those who are waiting for a fascinating story about ordinary guys caught in an extraordinary situation and facing prose hardship, but whether bought comfortably. It turns out that the game itself is great, but its re-release made carelessly.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix game reviewIn stationary mode, not all methods can be used the first time.***On the other hand, in the portable version of the office tolerable, and the pros of the game still outweigh the drawbacks — at least for those who previously did not see. I passed the first time The World Ends with You specifically on the Switch, but I know that many fans of the DS version instantly canceled pre-orders after learning about the middle port on the latest console. For starenkij fans Square Enix made the latest story Chapter for which to take the game once again is obviously not worth doing the job of three reapers, you'll get access to additional scenario in which the battles occur with modifiers. For example, the Neck will be evenly reduced in store health, in other words, the fight will become markedly more difficult.

But for understanding the main plot of this three-hour episode is not very necessary, so Final Remix necessary to advise only newcomers who are willing to put up with idiotic management.

Pros: a fascinating story with memorable characters, a unique battle system; elegant graphics, which looks great on the TV, and "portable"; great soundtrack.

Disadvantages: terrible management; additional Chapter not worth it to take the game in the 2nd time.

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