The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series — The Final Season: Passing the First Episode

We offer you the passage of the first episode of the final season of The Walking Dead, which tells about the adventures of Clementine and her smaller companion Hey Jay.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Selection of events of the previous parts.

The game begins with the proposal to import the previous season’s save, or the opportunity to make repeat decisions related to the fate of the characters from the past two seasons. Some of the actions chosen will affect the behavior of a number of characters in the final season. On the other hand, the plot of all five episodes will unfold identically, regardless of who Lee saved and whether Clementine continued the journey with AJ and another companion, or only with the boy.

At the beginning of the game, chat with Alvin Jr. about how he wants Clementine to call him, and then find out that he is hungry. In the end, a couple of survivors will be at an abandoned house in the middle of the former railway station, where they will try to find food. You can use the bell at the house by ringing it, but no one will answer.

Unlike previous series of titles, you will control Clementine, watching what is happening with a third-person view. The camera is very similar to the one we saw in Resident Evil 4.

To make attacks, use two keys (or gamepad buttons) — E and Q. The first key allows you to wound a zombie, knocking him down, and the second — to finish him off, attacking him in the head. Similar functions are performed by the B / Y buttons and the «circle» / «triangle» on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 joysticks.

You can explore the space around the house, then use the crowbar that you got out of the car to break open the door.

Collectibles. Collectible items appeared in the game — various décor elements that you can use (running ahead) to decorate your room at the school for difficult children of Erickson.

First collection item. Outside the building at the train station you can find a deer skull. It is located on the side of the house, in the farthest part of the location, where you can get if you pass by AJ looking at a tire suspended on a rope (improvised swing).

Once inside, you can decide how to proceed — ask AJ to get to the cashier through a narrow window, open the door, or pick up the key from the zombie belt, but in this case you will have to kill them.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Make your decision.

When you enter the room, find a tin on the floor so that Clementine will throw it away and find the hidden door under the mattress. Move the improvised bed away, look inside and wait until the explosion happens.

You will find yourself on the street, you will have to fight with two zombies, after which you will kill the dead man, whom AJ pressed against the door leaf. Perform various QTE actions until an accident occurs.

After the introductory cut scene, look around and tear off the scotch tape that is wrapped around Clementine’s wrist. Examine the room, but most importantly — look in the sliding wardrobe, where an interesting box is on the top shelf. There is a chair nearby — use it to move closer, remove the box and get a spatula.

With it, you can open the door.

Going outside, you can go to the right, but in fact you need to turn the corner so that Clementine finds an unknown black boy. Treat him as you see fit — in any case, a teenager with a bow will appear, who will subsequently lower the weapon so that Clementine will begin to trust him.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Marlon and Ten.

Walk along with Marlon through the school for difficult teenagers, examining its various parts. This guy is the leader of the local children. In the end, he will be called to fight the zombies, and the girl will go inside the building to find AJ.

Second collection item. To begin, proceed to the stairs. Do not rise, but go around it in order to find artificial flowers on one of the pedestals.

They can be put in the room for decoration.

Follow the corridor to the right, talk to Ruby, and then go to the hall with the piano, played by Louis. AJ will be there too. When the guy starts playing a song about Clementine, then decide what to do — demand that he stop, state what you like, etc. At the end, you will need to advise AJ to play the piano or not.

Marlon will appear, stating that there are more dead bodies than originally thought. Clementine will have to help. Talk to Violet, and then proceed to the battle.

Kill a couple walking around with Clementine, using the stun and kill keys. Do not try to immediately kill the first zombie without stunning: the second enemy will have time to get close to the heroine and bite her.

Then use a few traps, and after the order of Marlon, defeat the remaining group of walking. First, deal with a couple to the left, and then — with two dead men a little further.

When the battle ends, Clementine will have to help AJ make friends with the guys at Erickson School.

The third collection item. You can chat with many people, but first go to the far right corner to find live flowers on the concrete wall.

Talk to Ruby. It does not matter that you advise JJ — the girl will forgive him.

Then you can pass to the left of the entrance door to the building to find Violet and Tena standing near the graves. In fact, they contain the belongings of the murdered Tena sisters, and it is them that he remembers here. Be sure to talk with the two guys sitting on the sofa on the right, cook Omar with Luis and Aasim, chronicling events.

AJ will steal the diary of the last one, and you will have to decide whether to allow the boy to read the last sentence or order him to hand over the personal thing to Aasim. Expect the appropriate reaction.

It would not be superfluous to recall that the way you let AJ behave will affect his development as a person.

During the dinner, you can make a belch, but in this case Ruby will rise from the table, or ask He-Jay to monitor his manners. Next will start the card game. Answer as you see fit, and ask questions that interest you.

It doesn’t matter whether you killed or not, you can talk about what really happened, or say that Clementine never killed the people she loved.

Before going to sleep, Violet will appear in the room and she wants to pick up the box with Sophie’s pencils and take it to Tena. Choose what to do — ask Hey Jay to return the things or say that he can keep them for himself, because Violet allowed her to do this. Regardless of the decision made, the girl will allow you to complete the Hey Jay drawing and you will get fourth collection item, which can be hung on the wall.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

The next choice of action.

At bedtime, AJ will lie down under the bed, saying that he is afraid to sleep on it. Let him do it or convince him to lie down on the soft mattress.

The next morning, Clementine and the boy will be in the office of Marlon, where they will meet the playable Ten. Talk to him, and when AJ tries to pick up the toy, then choose what to do — let him keep the toy for himself or tell him to return it to Tennessee.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Quarrel between AJ and Ten.

A Marlon dog named Rosie will enter the room. Step back until the owner appears. Soon he will offer his help.

You can trust Marlon and stroke Rosie, then give her the order, or apologize and say that you can’t do it.

Marlon will give Clementine a map, and you will need to click on several interesting places. It is not necessary to consider all points, it is enough to study the forest land, a hut in the lower right corner, as well as the station where you tried to find food. After that, a corresponding prompt will appear that you can close the card on RMB.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Map of the nearest region.

Further sequence of actions depends strictly on your choice — you can go hunting with Luis and Aasim or fishing with Brody and Violet. Looking ahead, you will have to visit both places, just with a few changes.

If you went fishing, then:

1. Upon arrival, talk to the girls and go inside. When Brodie leaves, you will need to find another spear, but first take fifth collection item — a cat’s skull lying on a shelf above the fireplace. After this, take away the spear, which stands at the side table.

2. Going outside, catch fish. It does not matter whether you catch one or two fish or not: food is still not enough, and Brodie, returning back, will offer to visit the guys on the hunt.

3. Here you will come first of them, finding a walker in a loop, and also that all traps are either empty or corrupted. Passing AJ, you can inspect the bloody stain and pick up a cigarette butt from a roll-up.

4. Luis and Aasim will appear, then the latter, along with Brodie, will return back to the boarding school Erickson. You and Violet and Luis will go to the station (you will need to click on it on the map, there are no other options).

If you went hunting in the forest, then:

1. Arriving at the right place, you will find a zombie stuck in the loop. Decide what to do — stay with Luis and play with the zombies by hitting him with a stick, or go along with Aasim to hunt rabbits. In the second case, you will have to shoot at hares, but it’s not so easy to get into them.

At the same time, it does not matter whether you catch hares or not.

2. Returning back, Aasim declares that all the traps are broken, so he will offer to go to the girls in the river and find out how they are doing.

3. You will arrive to the house before them. Come inside and look around. It is necessary to pick up a cigarette butt from a roll-up in order to continue the plot, but do not rush: be sure to take the same cat skull located on the fireplace.

4. And then the girls will appear and, in general, everything will end the same: Aasim and Brody will go back to school, and you and Violet and Luis will go to the station.

Make your way to the building while Louis distracts the zombies. It will be necessary to kill the three walking, who will stand in the way of the Clementine. And then you get into the house, where you can reopen the door and send AJ to look for canned jars.

When the guy finds them, Abel will appear, a man with multi-colored eyes, the owner of roll-ups.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Return to the station.

If you tell AJ to shoot, Abel will kill both characters, and you have to start all over again. You can cling to him, but in this case, the walking attack Violet. Thus, it is best to ask AJ to lower the gun: Abel will take some of the food and hide from the station.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

The decision on Abel.

Returning back, chat with everyone. Brody throws himself at Clementine and blames her for doing wrong. Next, talk to Tennessee and decide what to do — let him draw Clementine and AJ on a piece of paper, or ask him not to do it.

In any case, you will get another drawing, which is the sixth and last collectible item.

That night Clementine will wake up because of the strange noise coming from the basement. Go outside, move along the corridor and try to open the door to the basement. It will be locked, so Clementine decides to get out.

On the street, follow diagonally forward and to the left, be sure to pick up a brick from the ground and use it to break the lock on the hatch leading to the cellar.

Brody will tell a terrible secret about how Marlon dealt with the sisters of Tena, and what about also he decided to do with Clementine and AJ if the raiders can find them. After that, you will need to find a lantern, pick up a ruler and try to get out of the basement. Understand the revived Brody, then go outside.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

Consequences of the conversation between Brodie and Marlon.

When Marlon takes aim at Clementine, you can decide who to turn to for help — Luis or Violet. Choose them depending on how you built the relationship with the characters. If supported Violet, then contact her for help.

In the end, all the guys will support Clementine, having turned against Marlon.

Passage of The Walking Dead: Final Season - Episode 1

The decision according to Marlon, which does not affect anything.

No matter how you proceed, Marlon will be killed. Who exactly? Find out about it after the passage of the first episode!

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