The release of the PS4 version of Path of Exile is postponed.

In early November, the developers of action / RPG Path of Exile announced their intention to expand the audience of the title at the expense of PlayStation 4 users. The launch of the game on this console was scheduled for December of this year, but now the creators have to report some changes in the original plan.

The release of the PS4 version of Path of Exile had to be postponed to 2019. The fact is that the team underestimated the work associated with the certification process, which also fell out during the Christmas holidays. And although the developers should have time to complete all the preparatory activities in January, they decided to play it safe and, as a new release date, indicated the beginning of February.

In addition, the additional creators are going to spend on improving the optimization of the gameplay and frame rate.

It is also worth recalling that before the release of a major content update 3.5.0 “Betrayal” remains a little more than a week.

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