The premiere of a documentary about The International 2018 will be arranged in a cinema

True sight — a series of documentary films about cyber events Dota 2. The International will also receive the episode 2018. It seems Valve so confident in her film crew that she will arrange the premiere of a new tape in a full-fledged cinema.

Valve announced that True Sight — The International 2018 will be shown in the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads building in Copenhagen, Denmark. The broadcast from the cinema will be shown live, because there is something to see: after the “documentary” viewers in the hall will be able to ask questions to the winners of The International 2018. Kaci and PyrionFlax will play the leading role.

Recall that the tournament Dota 2 this year won the European team OG. She overcame the Chinese from PSG.LGD. Confronting teams will be a central theme True Sight — The International 2018.

The premiere of the documentary film and screening at the cinema will be held on January 15, 2019.

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