The player was able to return Atlas to Steam, having played more than two hours

Player Corrupt3dz wrote on Reddit that he was able to return Atlas, after playing eight hours. Although the rules of Steam returns the money only if the game is spent less than two hours. Corrupt3dz tried to do refand 5 or 6 times, but at first he was refused.

According to him, after about 12 hours he received a letter from Steam technical support, in which it was said that the game had been successfully returned. The player thinks that this was done manually by a tech support employee, since before that all requests were rejected.

So if you are very disappointed in Atlas, but you have been playing with it for many hours, there is still a chance to return it. Now the game has about 75% of negative reviews — it is scolded for bad network code, connection problems, terrible optimization, balance curve and tons of bugs. And the other day in the game did find a menu from Ark: Survival Evolved. 

Interestingly, with such a negative reaction, Atlas is still in 12th place in popularity on Steam and in third place on Twitch. And this is at the time of writing the news, and so Atlas often hangs in the top of Twitch.

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