The head of Overwatch again sat comfortably by the fireplace and did nothing. But this time they helped him.

Yule log («Christmas log») — a genre of videos, which show how the fireplace burns. Sometimes people add to the fireplace, who thoughtfully sit together and do nothing. Team Overwatch Already practiced in this genre last year, and now decided to repeat the experiment.

At the end of 2017, Catholic Christmas celebrated with the players Jeff caplan (Jeff Kaplan), Head Overwatch. The new yule log also began with Caplan: he sat by the fireplace for about an hour and kept staring at the cookies that were standing nearby. When the developer reached for the cookie, he was disappointed to find out that there was no milk in the mug next door.

With words “Nobody in a small indie company thought about milk!” Caplan out of frame.

And then the guests began to come. Each warmed himself at the “Christmas log” in the area of ​​one and a half hours and received a special gift from the lockbox. Besides Caplan in the yule log attended:

Matt Mercer (Matt Mercer) — actor, voicing McCree. He got his hero’s scarf out of the lootbox.
Jacob lion (Jacob Lyon), better known by the nickname JAKE, is a player in the Houston Outlaws team and one of the commentators on cyber events Overwatch. He got LEGO Bastion out of the lootbox.
Charlette Chang (Charlet Chung) — actress, voiced D.Va. Got out of the lootbox Doritos and Mountain Dew chips and nano-cola.
Zoe Gshwind-Pensky (Soe Gschwind-Penski) — commentator and leading eSports event Overwatch. She took out a notepad and felt-tip pen from a lootbox, drew Tracer with them.

Then Jeff returned to the chair (already with milk!). Unfortunately, other guests ate all the cookies. Lutbox came to the rescue — the cherished cookie was there. Yule log ended with a Christmas greeting from Caplan.

The video turned out at eight o’clock.

Most likely, people were not forced to hang around the fireplace for so long: last year, Yule log was stretched for ten hours with the help of installation tricks. But, like last year, idleness was diluted with different funny moments: for example, Chang took a selfie as well Mercer at some point, dreamily said: «Dad Caplan«. You can find out more about what happened on the air in a note in the VKontakte fan group.

Recall that now in Overwatch Event «Winter Tale 2018» is taking place. All users are handed out five free containers: to get them, simply go to the game during the holiday period.

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One