The head of Epic Games told how the company acquires exclusives for its store and why it is important for the industry.

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The Epic Games Store service has got hold of a not bad library of temporary exclusives — it will be released or already released Ashen, Hades, Journey, Super Meat Boy Forever, World war z, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and so on. Recently CEO Epic Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) told about the terms on which the company negotiates with the developers about the exclusivity of their creations. Also boss Epic clarified other issues regarding the store.

About exclusives

Reddit theme Sweeney told that Epic offers developers various options for financial support — a company can take on marketing, invest directly in development, or guarantee a profit. In the latter case Epic warrants that the game will bring the authors some revenue. If the real amount is less than the agreed upon, then the owners of the service compensate the creators for the missing funds.

On the importance of competition

Boss Epic understands that launching a new store brings inconvenience to players. However, in his opinion, competition is necessary — when a monopoly is established on the market, the share of profits accruing to content authors begins to decline.

“When several stores compete with each other, you get lower prices, developers get better deals, and new content and innovations — additional investments, — stated Sweeney. — <…> I understand that for users this is just another launcher and if you already have Steam installed, then you would prefer to use it. But if you want new games to become better, please realize the benefits of this store [Epic Games Store]. Steam takes 30% [revenue], and Epic — 12%. This is 18% of the difference, and most developers profit is much less than the same 18%. It may depend on this whether the authors go bankrupt or can invest in a new game! ”

About Tencent Data Transfer

Posted by topic on Reddit, in which the head unsubscribed Epic, called the store customer spyware. According to him, in terms of using Epic Games Store, it is said that Epic can transfer user data of the parent company. The theme creator decided that Epic owned by chinese Tencent, that is, your personal information can get to China.

but Sweeney denied these allegations.

«Epic does not share user data with Tencent or any other company, — the general director assured. — We do not share them, do not sell them, and, unlike many other companies, do not provide access to them for promotional purposes. I am the founder and majority shareholder Epic, and I won’t let that happen. ”.

Sweeney explained that the parent company Epic — American branch Epic games. When you purchase a product Epic, for example, in Europe, the seller is the local branch of the company. From here and point about data transmission — the regional office can send them to the main, American.

About feedback system

In addition, the other day, one of the visitors of Twitter expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Epic Games Store does not allow customers to leave feedback — there are no user reviews, ratings, or forums in the service. According to the player, this means that publishers are the most important thing for the store, and buyers “better shut up and give money”. Sweeney reacted to this claim.

If you believe the head Epic, in the future, the service will acquire a rating system. It will be created on the basis of the functionality already implemented on the Unreal Engine marketplace. Developers will be able to turn on the system at will.

Sweeney He believes that it is necessary to combat “review-bombing” — deliberately lowering the rating.


Further details on Epic Games Store can be extracted from these notes.

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