The final part of The Freeman Chronicles — fan-film based on the first Half-Life

The Freeman Chronicles — a small fan-made film based on the events of -Life. As written by the authors on the creation of tape spent about four years, and the financing was provided by fans of the game.

Yesterday the film crew Chariotdrive released the final part The Freeman Chronicles. In it, Gordon Freeman and the staff of the research complex «Black Mesa» faced with beings that appeared after the accident with a cascade resonance, and give back to the military, covers his tracks failed experiment.

The previous series The Freeman Chronicles look under the spoiler below. Note that the authors have violated one of the immutable rules of the original: in the film, Gordon is talking (though not very willingly).

But another rule remained intact: count to three, so a final excerpt called «Episode 2, part 2″.

Previous series the Freeman Chronicles


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