The battle of Kursk in World Of Tanks

The developers of multiplayer tank action World Of Tanks launched an event called “battle of Kursk”. This event is dedicated to the eponymous battle, which took place 75 years ago. Participating in the event until August 24 you can get valuable rewards, and even the premium technique of the T-34 the fifth level.

However, in order to become the owner of such a shielded tank, you will have to perform 40 tasks.  

Mashtabno the event will take place over 50 days and will give players access to the daily combat tasks. In addition to a premium tank, you will be able to get special style for his armor, and the medal for participation.

By the way, as different sides of the conflict participated in the historic battle on the specific technique, all who go into battle on such tanks, will be able to gain a slight advantage. For convenience, tasks that require divided into South and North direction. the game will automatically adapt to the type of your equipment and choose the direction for the execution of combat tasks.

If you do not have time to complete all tasks in order to obtain the highest award, the T-34 tank available in the game store.

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