The Banner Saga 3: Tips

The Banner Saga 3 – the third and last part of the trilogy, keeping the same formula and gameplay, which is familiar to all fans of the series, so some of the information below so readers will be familiar.

The article provides some useful tips and recommendations. In no case should not be attributed to the fundamental, but they helped me to simplify the passing game. If you have information you would like to share, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

Play The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2

Should not directly start the third part, ignoring the other two. This is not the case! The Banner Saga tells a great story keeping you in suspense from the first to the last minute, and ignoring the first series, you lose a lot.

This approach is useful from the point of view of gameplay. If you pass the first two parts, by the beginning of the third will collect a powerful squad with more pumped characters will have many unique and useful items, perfectly master the gameplay and you will be «clicking enemies like nuts.» So be SURE TO PLAY the FIRST TWO PARTS!

Resources: people and objects

In the game there will come a time when the number of clansmen, fighters, Warlow and various items will be incredibly large. Of course, you can complete the game with a limited number of such resources, but in the first case will be much easier. Try to make decisions that will save resources and will earn even more.

Use glory to purchase additional items that maybe at certain points in the game.

Even if you feel that you have enough of all, be sure to buy more. On the other hand, do not waste all the glory because it will be needed to increase the level of fighters.

If possible, use Hand

Hands and Aletta – very good characters that should almost always be in your party. However, for some reason, clear gamers, past The Banner Saga 1, you will have only one of two characters. For the first passage of the third part, consider using the save that has Hands because he is much better.

His ability to «Call to arms» is incredibly powerful and on it you will learn below. Thanks to you greatly simplify your life in all chapters.

Tips for passing The Banner Saga 3

The choice between Rook and Aletta.

As soon as your fighters will be more than the enemies, then activate a «Call to arms»

«Call to arms» will allow you as soon as possible to finish the battle. At first, the effect of the perk can be confusing. Usually the game makes you alternate moves with your opponent until only one enemy fighter, but a «Call to arms» will give a significant advantage in any point of the battle.

As soon as the number of your team will be higher than the enemy, then make sure you activate the ability.

Any battle that starts with equal numbers of units, must also be accompanied by the activation of the «Call to arms». As soon as you kill an enemy, you get a distinct advantage in the form of additional attack each round. The enemy will perform five attacks, and you – six. Kill the two enemies and be able to perform six attacks against four, so as soon as possible defeat in battle. The only time you do not need to activate the perk: the number of the enemy is higher than your team.

The fact that in this case the ability will work against you.

Tips for passing The Banner Saga 3

A call to arms.

The ability of a pair Petrus and Hands

Petrus – new character, the main skill which allows him to call for backup. In the fight you will intervene new allies with decent characteristics. By itself, the perk does not play a role, but if you Supplement it with «Call of weapons» Hand, almost every time can get an additional attack due to the higher number.

It is clear that the use of the ability does not make sense, if after summoning reinforcements, the number of your troops is still less than the enemy.

In General, the most common formula in battle is 6 VS 6. Thus, the bundle of these skills you get a distinct advantage in almost every battle from the first round.

The spread of damage

If you have no perk «Call to arms», regardless of the number of characters moves will always be interleaved with the actions of the opponents. Even if you have six, and the enemy – three soldiers, will first walk your character, then the opponent, then your again, and then again the opponent, etc. in the scenario 6 VS 3 every enemy fighter just like twice in one cycle (round). So will continue as long as the enemy does not remain a soldier.

Thus, killing one or two opponents, the enemy team potentially making them stronger, as some soldiers will be able to get to your for loop to make two moves. And if you kill the weaker, leaving the battlefield strong, if not can lose.

Even with the loss of soldiers in the enemy team the battle becomes harder. The best strategy is to attack those who have higher power. In the end, in the worst case scenario the whole team of opponents will live to the end of the battle, but they will have little strength.

It may seem a good idea to attack the armor of the opponents to facilitate future attacks, but almost always at every opportunity to better attack force. How high the strength of the enemy determines the amount of damage they can cause. And if the power falls below the value of your armor, they will be forced to strike at the armor. This will allow you to save their own strength, which is important as fighting in the game long enough.

Strive to ensure that as much as possible to preserve the strength of his squad. Of course, there are exceptions, and some items will cause extremely high damage to armor, to become vulnerable in the next round.

And if you are not sure that your attack will deal great damage because of high armor opponent, you likely will need to attack the armor. Units that have the skills to attack power or ignore part of the armor will be crucial in battle.

A bunch of the ability to «Stone wall» and subject to increase aggression – an incredibly powerful

«The stone wall» – a special ability that allows the character using it to ignore up to seven points of damage from armor or strength for a single attack. If one of the enemy shall smite you seven points of damage, you ignore it. If after another enemy will deal the same damage, then you again will simply ignore it.

This effect lasts until next turn, and the limit of damage is not cumulative, then the ability becomes incredibly effective for shock absorption, powerful opponents.

And if you add to all this the item, which increases aggression, it turns out one of the most powerful ligaments in the game. Aggression – characteristics that determines how aggressive you opponent. The high value of this parameter is considered to be negative, because the enemies will want to attack this character.

But if you activate the «Stone wall», he’s not just going to ignore all incoming damage, but will take a threat from the rest of your heroes.

Agree, it turns out fantastic, incredibly helpful bunch, make your squad invincible. We would call it a real imboy, if the effect of the perk lasted more than one turn. Think about the fact that almost every battle to use the unit with this ability.

Take advantage of the weavers (Eivind in particular)

The ability of weavers allows you to repair damaged armor. Eivind is the best example of this, but there are a couple of other units that can activate this and many similar skills. This is especially useful during battles where the enemies appear in waves, because you can «hide» in some corner of weaver to bring him the most powerful units and restore their armor.

Thus, they do not need to be replaced for the next round.

The effect of the skill consumes half of the available the will, and Eivind its supply can reach 20 units. This means that you almost always can fully restore the target.

The Eivind is also a lightning strike that hits up to four points of damage. He not only ignores armor, but also applies to other units positioned diagonally to the opponent, dealing identical damage, increasing it by a few units depending on how near it is to the allies. Damage will continue to spread further, while there are enemies on the diagonal.

Thus, Eivind is another regular fighter in your party.

The ability of a pair Eivind and Apostate

Himself an Apostate is a solid character. He has a great settings (except for motion) and there are some really useful special abilities. One of them is called «Irritation» and allows you to donate four pieces of armor of each unit, to add five points of strength.

It will be a huge boost and will be able to facilitate virtually every battle.

Even more powerful the ability becomes combined with Eivind because he can just restore armor at any vulnerable units. It makes a powerful Duo, especially when participating in battles, where the enemies appear in waves.

Strive to make even the most powerful units even more

You will have a huge number of units with high strength. Of their favourites can select characters such as Iver, Canary Wharf and Bastion. In fact, what you choose doesn’t matter, but you should definitely find one or two strong fighters that should be in the main squad.

Consider to enhance these soldiers, to give them the title of heroes, which increase the power or armor. Towards the end of the game at Iver was 17 pieces of armor and 21 unit of force. This makes it able to deal damage from almost every enemy.

Also a good Canary. Though her strength is not as high as some Warlow, she has good attack range, so she need not get to close to their goal. Regardless of which units with high power you like, take them and try to do even more.

Do not buy items

Stores will receive a variety of items, but really you don’t need them. The Iver will not even be able to buy the items that already shows their optional origin. It is best to obtain items in battles with waves of enemies and keep the glory to increase the level of the characters, buy heroic status.

Heroic status in The Banner Saga 3 is much more effective and healthier than most other items that can be bought in stores, and it applies to any item in your inventory. It is best to spend the glory on them, so try to avoid consumption of this currency in shops.

Be careful and follow the order of moves

As often as you can see the turn order at the bottom of the screen, since you’ll need to know which of the opponents like in the near future. your priority target for destruction should be the enemy with high force but consequent actions may change depending on who goes next. If the opponent with high power just like and is located on the back of the line, then perhaps the best way to attack someone else who goes next, who have the power to wound your unit.

Every time fight till the final wave, regardless of the circumstances

In this game very often, battles are divided into several enemy waves, and you’ll know when to participate in this battle, as will appear below the identification sign with a countdown. Once the indicator reaches zero, you will see the next wave. You should make every effort to complete the battle with the first wave before the second appears.

In this case, will have the opportunity to retreat or to re-fight them.

At this point you can also replace units more fresh fighters, including those who were knocked out of the fight or injured. If you do not have time to deal with the first wave before the second appearance, you will have to fight with new opponents, using the «old» wounded enemies left on the battlefield. This will significantly complicate the situation, so in this case, it is advisable to be prepared for the fact that you have to fight again from the beginning.

On the other hand, you need to fight until the last wave, and not to retreat after the first. Not only that, you will receive even more fame and murder, at the end of the final wave you will be given a special item. Keep in mind that if you did not finish the first wave, you will see your next enemy, but he has no special subject matter, and to get it you can’t. Repeating wave, be prepared for the fact that they can change.

Thus, battles are unpredictable.

Tips for passing The Banner Saga 3

The mechanics of battles with the waves.

Distribute murder

The only factor influencing the increase in rank – the number of murders. The maximum rank is now equal to 15, and once you reach it, any killings carried out by the data unit will be useless. Instead, use such units to weaken enemies for other allies, making them virtually harmless.

Then sneak up close the weaker fighters and kill them, increasing the rank.

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