The authors of Project CARS are engaged in the production of its own extremely powerful console.

Slightly mad studios decided to live up to its name: the company went a little crazy and started designing its own gaming console, which seems to compete with other home platforms.

The plans told the head of the studio Ian bell (Ian Bell). A few hours ago, he started a Twitter account and stated in the first two messages: “The Mad Box is coming. What is The Mad Box?

This is the most powerful console in history. She is literally «insane.» Want 4K, want VR at 60 fps? Do you want a full-fledged free engine to develop your own games on it?

You will get it. ”.

Portal Variety has contacted Bellom and found out more about The Mad Box. The console is going to be released in about three years, according to general principles it is similar to the Xbox or PlayStation, and the iron “stuffing” compares with very powerful PCs that will be on the market in a couple of years.

Bell assures that he is already negotiating with manufacturers of components. In addition, several investors are offering to finance the console. While the design is at an early stage, therefore Slightly mad picks up a better deal.

For The Mad Box also formed plans for exclusives: they simply will not. According to Bell, there is too much “monopoly or micro-oligopoly” in the industry and not enough healthy competition. If developers want to make an exclusive for The Mad Box, it will be completely their decision. Slightly mad not going to pay third-party studios to exclude other platforms.

Although Bell It is stipulated that these plans may change in the future.

The Mad Box is planning to launch around the world. The price of the device will be comparable to other consoles. Bell says that the images with the early design of the device will be published in about a month and a half.

Talking to Variety Bell He also said that under “VR at 60 fps” in his Twitter account I meant 60 fps for each eye, that is 120 fps. The fact is that for a comfortable game in VR 60 frames per second is not enough, therefore the generally accepted industrial standard is 90 frames per second.

Recall that Slightly mad studios also engaged in the development Project CARS 3. It is rumored that the company is also doing a game on a series of films. «Fast and the Furious», for what Bell replied like this: “I can neither confirm nor deny this information”.