Tencent Acquires Path of Exile Developers

Recently, the Chinese publisher Tencent acquired a controlling stake in Grinding Gear Games, known for the popular clone Diablo — action / rpg Path of Exile. According to the developers themselves, for more than five years they themselves have been looking for partners who can provide financial assistance to the project. However, all possible investors wanted to make significant changes in various game aspects, for example, add a subscription system, so the team could not come to a common opinion with them.

Tencent, on the contrary, is ready to provide the necessary funds for the development and improvement of Path of Exile, however, at the same time, Grinding Gear Games studio will retain a high level of freedom and will continue to work in already chosen directions. So fans of the role-playing game can sleep peacefully, no changes other than those planned by the developers themselves will not appear in the project, since the Chinese partners are not going to interfere in the development process of Path of Exile.

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