[Stream] Monster Hunter: World — Hunting is in full swing

Garro continues to travel the incredible world of action / RPG Monster Hunter: World, exploring new lands in the ranks of adventurers who came to conquer the uncharted corners of the New World. Ahead of us is waiting for a huge number of ferocious monsters, which must be tracked down, killed and taken away for souvenirs. We invite everyone to join the live broadcast and join the company to our fearless hunter. 

Stream will start at 13:00. You can watch it directly in this news or on our Twitch channel.

“Monster Hunter World is an open world action / RPG game developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in Japan. In the world of Monster Hunter World, the player controls a hunter who has gone to explore a new, newly discovered continent in a fantasy world. As mentioned earlier, in contrast to the previous series, the game will take place in an open world, through which a player can move freely and in any way, without any downloads between different locations. ”

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