[Stream] Diablo III Eternal Collection became available on the Nintendo Switch

In just a few minutes, the official release of the action / RPG Diablo III Eternal Collection will take place, marking the arrival of the Lord of the Underworld on the Nintendo Switch console. The publication will include two previously released additions, as well as a unique set of armor Ganondorf, which will be a nice in-game bonus.

Now that the demons are once again trying to break into the Sanctuary, we invite everyone to join Garro in his crusade against the forces of darkness and with him to appreciate the “novelty” from Blizzard.

The live broadcast will begin at 21:00 Moscow time. You can watch it right in this news or on our Twitch channel.

“The action of the game, as in the previous parts of the action / RPG series Diablo, takes place in the world of Dark Fantasy Sanctuary, and the main events are developing around the struggle of the army of Heaven with the army of the Underworld for this world. The players’ characters are not direct followers of any of these parties, but they fight for their homeworld against the power of evil, and the army of Heaven is valuable allies in this matter. ”

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