[Stream] Defiance 2050 — Meet the New World

At this weekend, the developers of Trion Worlds are conducting a Defiance 2050 MBT MMO shooter, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to personally try out the reprint of the title that came out a few years ago. Garro decided to join this event, so the viewers of today‘s stream, which starts at 13:00 UTC, are waiting for a journey through the still unknown universe. 

Stream will be held on our Twitch channel. As usual, you can watch it right in this news.

“Defiance 2050 is a complete reboot of the classic game, including improvements to almost all elements of the project, as well as new features that from a technical point of view could not be realized before. Choose one of the classes presented, create your character and go explore the post-apocalyptic world. ”

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