Stream: Atlas — exploration of the world continues

Garro continues his acquaintance with the recent innovation from the Studio Grapeshot Games first multiplayer project called Atlas. We invite everyone to join him and together with us to find out what dangers will be faced by the adventurers who choose the path of piracy.

Stream will start at 13:00 Moscow time. As usual, to see the stream on our Twitch channel or directly in this news.

“Atlas is a multiplayer sandbox about pirates, a world in which 1,200 times more than the ARK: Survival Evolved. The world is divided into ten regions, which can be accessed as character development. You can become the owner of his own ship, to sail the seas and oceans to battle with other players.

However, in the game there is also a lot of content on land. On one server at a time can be up to 40,000 players.”

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