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Imagine: America, 40 years, on the radio report on an extraterrestrial invasion, the inhabitants in a panic run out into the streets and see that this is not another radio show "War of the Worlds" HG Wells, and the real attack of any extraterrestrial bots is approximately what we saw in NieR: Automata. And the only ones who really can somehow stand up to them were four bikers from the Steel Rats gang.

And imagine a mixture of Trials and Elasto mania, only with the addition of some artistic tricks from Inside, with the plot and in the nostril style of retro-futurism. Now you have some idea what Steel rats.

Machines against cars

There are four bikers, but at a time on the screen we control only one, freely switching between them. We rush back and forth, up and down, we cig from springboards, speeding up and driving a motorcycle in the air, we land, we rush on, cutting open circular saws mounted on the front wheel, crowds of trash cans (here alien alien invaders are called), as well as various obstacles — skeletons machines, pipes and other fittings.

Each of the magnificent four has a pair of unique combat techniques. Someone on the move catches enemies with a harpoon, someone sharply hits the front wheel, activating the blast wave, someone shoots opponents with the help of a pet trash can, and the girl Lisa roasts a piece of iron with a flame from the exhaust pipes. There are still charged skills — mini-bombs, fire trails and so on.

Finally, everyone has access to a superplay, which is charged and activated when bikers quickly spin around their axis and let out a wave of fire, a shower of laser beams, a few harpoons at once in all directions. By the way, this turn around you can also repel bombs fired at you.Steel Rats game reviewFighting with the "boss" here is easier than twisting tricks, trying to get out from somewhere on the walls and ceilings.

Biker for pumping

As you can see, our heroes differ only, so to speak, in combat style — no unique abilities that help in overcoming obstacles, as, for example, in The lost vikings, there is no. Therefore, the choice of who to play for is a matter of taste. Well, or vital necessity — if one of the bikers ends up in health, then he leaves the game until the end of the mission.

All combat techniques, as well as passive perks, increasing the reserves of health and energy, the speed of rotation of the circular saw, reducing damage from lightning, and so on, can be opened and pumped for scrap metal, which falls out of the crushed (or rather, cut) garbage robots and broken metal structures. For him, we buy new "skins" for bikes and their drivers.

How do they do it?

However, not fighting techniques and pumping is important in Steel rats. The main thing is speed, adrenaline and stunts.

I remembered for a reason at the beginning about Trials and Elasto mania: here, too, you can and should be very carefully driving a motorcycle racing at high speed, avoiding obstacles in time, jumping, making jerks and coups right in the air, turning sharply one hundred and eighty degrees, and making dizzy tricks.

And the main feature is the ability to rush, entrenched with circular saws, on special metal sections that run along the walls and ceiling. So we reach new points of the route, moving up and down the levels, for example, to get out of the bottom of a destroyed mine or from some other formidable place. The camera at the same time very closely follows the player, when he rushes upside down on the ceiling, moves to the wall, then goes down and soars up again. Already captures the spirit!

Steel Rats game reviewIs your head spinning too?

Fingers break

It turns out a circus with iron horses. Here we are rushing at great speed, maneuvering between trains, driving along vertical walls and ceilings, trying to get out of a burning building, as soon as possible and quicker we crawl down the structures collapsing under the wheels in order not to get hit by a huge metal press that is rapidly falling.

Add to this the battles with “bosses”, traps and unpretentious, but still mysteries, when we, attaching the back wheel to special points, raise the elevators, start generators, or switch on something somewhere. Fantasy authors also works at high speed — we are constantly thrown interesting situations.

Naturally, the management at the same time, to put it mildly, cannot be called simple — especially from the keyboard. Perhaps, I have not seen any more games where at a frantic pace you need to use so many buttons at the same time. Different keys are responsible for typing and dropping speed, for changing direction, for circular saws, for a sharp reversal, for one combat skill, for another, for shooting — yes, yes, you can still pick up cartridges and just shoot at enemies … Therefore, better Of course, playing with a gamepad, but you also get used to the keyboard with due diligence and desire — the madness is worth it! Steel Rats game reviewHere it is, a circus with iron horses! *** All this is complemented by a beautiful picture, cheerful music, great design, retro-futurism (and even with a touch of noir!), Ingenious foreshortenings and plans, when, for example, a small biker rushes across the bridge against the background silhouettes of a night city or a huge monster rising from somewhere (here I just remember Inside).

And the plot. Yes, he does not always keep up with such speeds, staying somewhere in the background, but he still tries to intrigue with his unusual presentation in the spirit of investigation with answers to the questions of a pretty girl-detective, and chic rollers between the heads revealing the background of what is happening. Yes, and the characters themselves are pleased — they are always something funny to comment, showing different characters.

The result was an almost perfect ode to speed and a bike, stylish in everything — both in terms of artistic riding a motorcycle, and in the exterior design. Well, as for management — well, this is also the perfect reason to buy, finally, a gamepad …

Pros: full of adrenaline gameplay, mixed with speed, battles and stunts; bright characters; great videos; music; exterior design.

Minuses: Keyboard control is very confusing.

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