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After the resounding failure of the Wii U large publishers like you lost faith in Nintendo, and therefore not only not prepared for the Switch exclusives, and not in a hurry to drop multiplatform. Electronic Arts limited series FIFA, Activision not in a hurry to port there Call of Duty, but at least the trilogy Crash Bandicoot moved. But Ubisoft on the console is not separative and delightful Mario + Rabbids released, and for Starlink exclusive content prepared.

And later comes mediocrity like Sports Party…

Enough is enough

Time to release such a game company chose the wrong, it is absolutely not so long ago appeared on the Switch Super Mario Party. It is also designed for a group of friends and offers a lot of modes, although the content of these games are still different — one is a collection of hundreds of mini-games that can be played individually, or in the "nastolki" and the other consists of six sports disciplines. Set at Ubisoft pretty poor, but these entertainments take more time than any of the mini-games in Super Mario Party, and the quality is always more important than quantity.

However Sports Party with the quality trouble.

As a big fan of tennis, still sometimes runs Mario Tennis Aces, the first thing I went to play beach tennis. First, is to select the mode (1 one or two 2), and then decide whether you want to use the buttons or strokes. In any case, tennis will look very strange due to the fact that the character moves on the court yourself, you only need to react to flying to your side of the ball.

If control is with the buttons, you simply from time to time lazy to press a single button that gets boring after a couple of times.

The management of strokes is implemented even worse — as soon as I tried to wave hands, the game still reads the motion once out of five. When the ball was very close to the character, I tried to swing as you would in real life, but nothing worked. If I straightened the hand completely and held her parallel to the floor, the game would sometimes understand my actions and still were allowed to repel the ill-fated ball. And the character is moving by itself, which is not always obvious which side will have to swing.

After five lost matches I decided to stop trying to cope with the office and spent about an hour on the Golf course.Sports Party game reviewGraphics, of course, so-so, but the appearance of the characters enough.With it all a little better: and using buttons to manage comfortably, and the beating the game understands. Rules are standard: there are several holes (the number is specified before the start) and the player has to drive them balls, making as little bumps. A full Golf simulator is not called, but the basic components are here.

You can take a test shot before the real change stick (by selecting between the driver, wood, pitching wedge and iron) in the upper part of the screen indicates the direction of the wind, and mini-map helps to understand which way is better to hit and with what force.

Unfortunately, the number of unique Golf courses catastrophically small, and available too similar to each other. It is clear that Ubisoft created a game is not about Golf, but about different sports, so too much attention to individual facilities are not paid. But still a shame — if the field was at least a little more diverse fans to beat the balls with a stick probably want to spend in this mode.

And all this quickly get bored, and the potential will not fully open.

It gets worse

Although the rest of the content proposed in Sports Party, Golf still looks like a winner. There are competitions for skateboarding, where participants just driving down the road and dispersed using decomposed accelerators, but it is absolutely stupid fun — you need to quickly press the same button and occasionally turn that bored before the end of the first round. Jetski from this is not much different, only they control the movements of the virtually impossible — even if you follow the instructions correctly and tilt "daikon", the character will not respond. the Fifth discipline was the Frisbee toss, where participants throw discs in the field with bonus points. Here, as in tennis, the game makes for you almost all — no matter how hard you wave your hand around, the disc still reach the goal, even though it is located near, though far. In this sense zero friends to offer even ashamed.Sports Party game reviewDrive through the icon with nitrous oxide is sometimes difficult due to bad physics.But basketball turned out tolerable, though the character animation leaves much to be desired.

For a few games in which you will violently hit balls from opponents and desperately try to throw a three-pointer, you probably have enough. If the process is highly exciting, normal basketball arcade Switch is already there.

That's it — no more games in the menu. You can run these amusements separately, and you can organize a tournament where the participants have to fight for points, and the leader after the first game puts on his crown and will be in this form to play tennis and ride a skateboard. Interestingly, all the menus are tournaments of three, six and nine rounds, while subjects only six.

Whether Ubisoft wanted to offer more content, or developers didn't care much about the repetition of mini-games within a single season.

To longer able to maintain the interest purchased is a misunderstanding, the authors came up with dozens of simple tests: we have to win each mini-game, to be the leader throughout the race on a skateboard, throw a Frisbee in a few multipliers and so on. For it in the character editor rasplachivaetsya bonus clothing, including t-shirts, shirts, jackets, shorts, running shoes and even glasses with blinders. Some things open upon reaching certain levels that are earned victories in all disciplines. Only eight characters, the appearance of which no restrictions allow you to customize at any point, but their closet depends on your success.

Sports Party game reviewIn Golf the motion is read much better than in the other disciplines.***That's just entertainment Sports Party criminally short, and they have time to get bored long before you unlock everything. By and large, in addition to Golf and basketball to play here is not what else is so primitively done that the interest lost even in "casual" player. And in Golf, in my opinion, is more comfortable spending time alone — it's not the most fun to play for the company.

In General, it is better Super Mario Party to take if there is a need for something like this.

Pros: tolerable good basketball and Golf, although the latter was depressing the number of fields.

Disadvantages: in half of the games movement is read very poorly; not enough subjects; in tennis and throwing a Frisbee game almost does everything for you; a race devoid of any depth.

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