Speed: game want to turn it into eSports. Speedrunner mind

Global Association of speedruns, announced that in April will be visiting the competition for high-speed passing Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey and Celeste. The winners will get cash prizes. It would seem that the news should gladden skilled speedrunner, but some players don’t want their hobby did eSports.

So, against the transformation of speedrunners in eSports spoke German player OddBod. In his opinion, speedrunners community is famous for its spirit of cooperation — gamers exchange tips and tricks to increase the propagation time of a game to a minimum. Competition also disciplines encourage concealment tricks that contradicts the idea of fast races.

OddBod and shared fears. For example, speedrunners events do not match format, when several participants are playing simultaneously. Opponents do not interact with each other — passing algorithm will remain the same regardless of the opponent.

OddBod said the best successes of speedrunners reflect the leaderboards in their results of combined personal skills, competition and the efforts of the entire community.

In addition, the competition for high-speed passage is easy to cheat — you just write down a perfect pass with the help of the bot and broadcast it. Of course, in a live tournament this trick won’t work, but the prize for the qualifying stages of the dishonest player will still receive.

Another problem speedrunners sport — match-fixing. For example, one participant can ask someone to put money on his opponent. Then speedrunner will only lose and to divide the rates earned on funds with an accomplice.

In the case of high-speed transits to detect an intentional «leak» is particularly difficult — speedrun some games involve the use of unreliable techniques that may simply not work. Accordingly, the failure will not cause anybody suspected.

Not happy news about the tournament and speedrunner MunchaKoopas. In his Twitter he wrote that the focus on the commercial component of the transits will kill less popular speedrun games — gamers to focus on those activities that can bring them money.

In addition, MunchaKoopas repeated the thesis of the meaninglessness OddBod matches — the participants have no influence on the performance of each other and not adapt to someone’s style of play. Enthusiast gave an example — if in the case of fighting the loser, we can advise, say, throw less «farbelow», when the passage speed Analytics almost always be reduced to «Well, I guess he just needs to play better.»

The venue of the competition will be announced in the coming weeks. In addition to direct tournaments, the organizers will organize a panel discussion with renowned speedrunner.

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