Snow, explosive football and free car — winter holidays are celebrated in GTA Online

Every year the regulars Grand Theft Auto Online celebrate New Year and Christmas — the streets of Los Santos sprinkle with snow, and grandfather Rockstar brings players gifts and entertainment. This winter season was no exception.

First of all, those who have time to start the network GTA today, December 25th, will get a Vapid Clique.

also in Online brought the automobile mode «Football with bombs.» Its essence is simple — players must push explosive devices onto the enemy side of the field and protect their own. Entertainment is included in the Battle of the Arena playlist, in which, until January 14, inclusively issue double payouts in GTA-dollars and RP.

Football with bombs.

From December 26, the Legendary Motorsport fleet will be replenished with a stylish Itali GTO wheelbarrow.

in the coming days Rockstar will give the players pleasant trifles. The schedule of Christmas freebies is as follows:

• December 25 — Vapid Clique, Up-n-Atom-izator, five holiday colorings for Chernobog, festive Slasher sweater, pyrotechnics, 10 fireworks, 25 sticky bombs, 25 grenades, 5 non-contact mines, 5 Molotov cocktails, snacks and body armor,
• December 26 — Bleeder blue sweater and holiday coloring for Mammoth Avenger,
• December 27 — Green Slaying sweater and holiday coloring for HVY Barrage,
• December 28 — Hail Santa sweater, Nagasaki Buzzard and holiday coloring for BTR,
• December 29 — Cluckin’s blue sweater and festive coloring for Buckingham Akula,
• December 30 — Merry Sprunkmas sweater and festive coloring for Comet Safari,
• December 31 — New Year’s gift (black and red sweater with bones, fireworks and not only), free pick-up of HVY Insurgent and holiday coloring for Pegassi Oppressor,
• January 1 — New Year’s gift (red sweater with bones, fireworks and not only),
• From December 25 to January 7 — Grotti and Weeny T-shirts.

Finally, up to January 7, you will enjoy discounts on transport and real estate, as well as double awards for some classes. Details — on the official site. Rockstar games.

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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