Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption: a Review

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As you know, in all Soulslike-games, the main thing is hot and very difficult fight with the "bosses". Specifically, these fatty story "monsters" is the essence of what is happening specifically to them we are all the way prepared, and specifically the battles determine how strong your nerves and a high level of skill. "However, before that, for something you need to fight with ordinary enemies, explore the world, read some notes, find gear, to swing and to sit around the campfire. But let's skip all the excess and immediately cut to the chase?" okay, so I talked in the Studio Dark Star invented Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Soulslike game in which there is only the fight with the "bosses".

Little Adam and big sin

The main character Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is very small, similar something even a toy soldier with a large blade. But it's the only weak hints at windy anime, and it was serious, dark and Gothic. And the plot (more precisely, the plot — the plot is not like this) are built on direct biblical associations.

Head of the hero, of course, named Adam, and he must atone for some sins of their own and their own country, which languishes and dies in blasphemy. You have to defeat seven bosses, each of which represents one of the 7 deadly sins. Well, in the end, of course, have to fight with yourself… in General, do know if it.

I can only say that this skirmish will be very symbolic and proper on the basis of beliefs of any of the story — she wisely puts an end to this long biblical metaphor and gives sometimes even metaphysical meaning.

This scheme is simple

Description Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, you can meet online and even in store the shell, apparently, was done on the basis of the earliest views of developers about what will be their game — or, on the contrary, it is a retelling of the plans for the future. Unlocks? Different modes?

Different endings?

I don't know, in my version, purchased in the store, in fact none of it was. It's pretty easy and static in the entire passage. There is one mode — in fact, the fight with "bosses". Adam is at the top of some dark, lost in the middle of the clouds of the mountain, where the stones with runes. Any of them leads to a rendezvous with one of the 7 "bosses." After here, we return to activate another stone to compete with other "boss".

And out in the menu to start, for example, the newest game not only desktop. What new modes?Sinner: Sacrifice for the Redemption game reviewLegs, the adrenaline!With any of the "bosses", and in what order to fight, we elect ourselves.

But gear not to elect: Adam is always available the same Arsenal — two-handed heavy blade, light blade with shield, incendiary bombs, throwing spears, "lechilki", gain, gains flaming weapons damage. And consumables of the machine are restored after each fight.


The main feature Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption are sacrifices. To activate the stone is not enough — you must also donate its features to get pass the battle with "boss". Before the fight we bring a sacrifice, because of what Adam, for example, becomes less than the in store health and stamina. Either he otymayut armor, releasing with naked torso on the fight against the big monster.

Or they say that a hero will die, if exhausted, in other words a hundred percent will end its endurance. After the defeat of the weaker Adam not becoming — you just give the latest a try. But after the long-awaited victory in store increases the total health of Adam. Then, of course, to return the donation, restoring properties and items, but in this case, and the boss will respawn.

And to beat the game and see the ending, it is necessary that all the seven deadly sins was defeated. In other words, in the final battle, Adam will in any case act with naked torso — and even with a bunch of fines. Comes a fascinating and unique situation — every battle fines from the sacrificial accumulate, but the General level of health increases.

Sinner: Sacrifice for the Redemption game reviewFights take place in a variety of criteria: some boiling lava, and in some places — snow and ice.

Sin is not to kill such a reptile!

All this makes the already convoluted battle with the "bosses" even more fun. Any of them Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, commonly, has its pros and cons, strategy and history. For example, Envy represents the Countess, priravnivaetsya to his own more lucky rival, Pride — once the most powerful soldier, whose vanity was piqued after the humiliating defeat from the stranger.

And Laziness is the Lord, who because of their own unwillingness to work it is launched his own government — he fights even without hunting, hiding behind countless guards.

All fights, of course, complex, noteworthy and unique — they require a personal approach to each opponent and will certainly take a few steps with the call of the creatures. Someone big and top deals crushing blows with a blade or hands in the melee, and later destroys a part of the surface, immersing it in lava, someone prefers to shoot you izdaleche and pour a poisonous abomination (either the flying eyes), someone fills the floor and later takes you through her waves of invigorating electricity.

The recipe for success in these grueling fights known to all fans of the genre: to calculate timings, to teach and to memorize the animations of attacks, it is time to evade, to put a block, alternating light and languid attack and all the time look for level of endurance. To overcome the first time is almost impossible — you have time not to die and try again and again, studying the enemy, assessing strategy, wondering where and at what point to hide from its toxic storm, and remembering the main principle of all Soulslike-games — every failure brings you closer to victory!Sinner: Sacrifice for the Redemption game reviewWithout endurance the hero immediately becomes vulnerable.***So concentrated Dark Souls in a nutshell, where between the player, his constant destruction as the surest means of progress and maturation and the "bosses" there is nothing superfluous.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from this point of view can be considered as such, combat simulator, simulator, perfectly suitable for learning games in all "souls-like" (although seasoned veterans of the genre here will have a hard time).

Absolutely — because there are no impurities branched flow and the selection of equipment. Arsenal is always the same, and the properties even fall. All focused on unadulterated clashes, forcing you to rely on skill, reaction, observation, patience and endurance.

Therefore, defeating the last of the "bosses", you'll feel like you just went outright a few "souls-like" together. And then will be ready for any test in any game of this genre.

Pros: fascinating and almost all unique concept; bright and different from each other "bosses"; a complex and spectacular fights; attractive pattern; atmospheric music.

Disadvantages: content very, very few; not the most comfortable control in the PC version; no exploring the world, leveling and selection of equipment.

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