Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Passing side quests

Dangerous species

This task is the only one at Kuvak-Yaku location. To take it, you have to find a citizen standing in a big cowboy hat. He is located near the entrance to the local tavern and tells about a group of marauders operating nearby.

Go along the marker marked on the map and watch a video on the spot, in which the gangster will drop one of the workers from the stairs.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

The place from where the marauder will push the worker.

Talk to this worker, then follow the marker to the gangster to find out where their leader is. Follow the tavern and chat with this man who wears a green shirt. So you will learn about grief.

Go to the outskirts of the city, and along the way you can find a fresco. Coming out of the cave, you will find a child running away from scoundrels. Go ahead, finish off all the criminals, then turn right and finish off the three remaining marauders before they finish the slaves.

Explore this location, collecting various items, and then return to Marco and complete the quest to get a powerful pistol called «Osprey» as a reward.

Playing with the dead

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

Such an issuing task.

One of the six side quests available in the Secret City. You will unblock it after you have a talk with the boy at the lake, while you need to be dressed in a blue heron tunic. He will tell you that a certain dead man stole his cubes. Move to the specified part of the city and talk to Pisco, who is a dead man. He will say that Takii himself lost the dice to him in a fair game.

Pisco agrees to surrender them if you explore the local territory and speak with the five exiles of the sect.

To begin with, four markers will appear on the map, and you can visit them in any order. In these areas, look for citizens, who in the survival instinct will be highlighted in green. After talking with each of them, the fifth marker appears on the map.

You need to go there. If suddenly the marker does not appear, then talk to a woman in a red robe who is at Chaska’s house.

Talk to the fifth outcast, which is the old woman Moraek. Being a clairvoyant, Grandma did not miss the opportunity to earn extra money, therefore she offers you several useful items. In addition to the suit «Scarlet Hunter», you can buy a master key and a Zhumar from a woman.

The first item allows you to unlock heavy treasure chests, and the second one — to break reinforced obstacles with a rope.

Go back to Pisco, after the video, go to Taki and return him the missing cubes.

Hearts and Minds

The task will be available in the Secret City. To begin its implementation, you should talk with the townswoman in the southern part of the city. She will tell about the trouble that happened in the family Kabila. In addition, the task can be started during a conversation with Ucha in the cave Unurata.

Go there and chat with him. The task will consist of three parts related to the search for three relics, and the last stage will begin after you return from the “Mission Saint Juan” location.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

I teach, quest giver.

First you need to get the royal horn and the amulet of Saviors in the pond, which is a crypt. Go to the right place, help Kabila, freeing his son, taking the herbs and bringing the sick wife, as a result of which you will return the royal horn. Now go to the next place, find a tree with white paint and climb up to be on top, where there will be a passage to the crypt.

Inside there are several relics, a fresco and a map of the archivist, marking interesting objects on the mini-map of Lara. Next to the fresco there is a barrier. Destroy it, deal with a couple of traps and find yourself at the crypt.

Pass on the wooden bridge, which will break, and Lara will fall down. Find nearby a small room with a lever. Activate it to raise the water level one step. Next, you will need to re-enter the same corridors and activate the levers hidden behind the walls in order to raise the water two more levels higher.

The first time you need to quickly get out of the room before it closes, and the second time — to swim through the hole in the ceiling. Open the crypt, go back to the man.

The assignment will continue after returning from the mission of Saint Juan. After talking with a man in a cave, you will need to find a bow winner. There is nothing difficult in his search: go to the jungle, go to the right and find a cave with weapons in it. After that there will be a dressed-up jaguar, which will need to be destroyed.

You will have to fight only with a bow, so do not hesitate to use fire arrows. Through the main settings menu, you can reduce the complexity of the battle: do it if you have problems.


Another mission available in the Secret City of Paytiti. It will be possible to pass only after you complete a couple of plot tasks. When you return to Paititi from the Cenote, you will find out that the rebels are hiding in a cave near the refuge of Unurat.

Go to where, in accordance with the plot, you will get the costume of the “Snake Guard”. Chat with one of the people inside the cave. It will be marked with a side quest marker.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

Poma, quest giver.

Markers will appear on the map pointing to areas where prisoners are located. You need to free four such captives to find out about some kind of spy who lured them into a trap. Another will say that the leader is still alive.

Go back to the quest giver, who will offer to find the leader of the group. The sectarian is hiding inside the cave, which you find on the map. There is also a tomb test «Temple of the Sun.» Go to the southern part of the city to find a small body of water from one of the houses.

Through it you can get into the cave.

Go down the stairs to the cave and watch the video. Lara will be ambushed. Kill a few rebel gunmen with bows.

As in all the neighborhoods of Paytiti, firearms cannot be used here. There are explosive barrels in the temple — shoot at them with fiery arrows to destroy several enemies. In total there will be about two dozen cultists, so kill the poet are ready for a long battle.

Delay of execution

In the upper part of Paititi, captured by the cultists (there you will get to the plot when you get a suit of Green Snake), in the square on the left you will see a video in which girl Kayyar asks to release her father. There are levers to the right and left of the locked door. You can try to move them, but Lara says she needs help.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

Kayara, quest giver.

On the square in front of the place of execution you can find several useful characters. Two men will agree to help you if you distract the guard. Talk to the guy with the musical horn, who will start to blow into him, and then ask the musician with the drum to play something. The guards are gone.

Tell the two men to help Lara. Once inside, find the exit, destroying the wall and pushing the obstacle along with the prisoner. As a reward, you will receive a «quality knife», which increases the amount of resources when collecting plants and flaying animals.

Widows and Tears

One of the rather difficult tasks available in the Secret City. To fulfill it, you will need to go to the northern part of the city and at the top, near the mountain to find a house, next to which a crowd of people gathered. This should be done in the costume of the Green Snake, so that the guards will further allow you to investigate the crime. So, Sumaka, the master of the house, is dead, and his servant is accused of everything.

First talk to the cultist at the entrance, but he will not want to let Lara inside. Go down the steps to the right of the house and ask the guy with the musical horn to begin the ceremony. This will distract the attention of people, and Lara will be able to get into the house.

Chat with all the characters, and with some of them you need to talk twice and even three times. Be sure to inspect the body of Sumak.

As a result, you will need to go past Shoko and outside through the bars to talk to a servant named Anka. She will say that the door does not open, and the hostess has forbidden her to tell anything. After exploring all that is possible, leave the house and go right.

Instead of descending the stairs down, jump to the right elevation. Go past the neighbor’s house. You can talk to the neighbor.

Jump on the beams so that as a result be near the servant. You do not need to talk to her, just before entering her back room, on the right side in the grass find a cache. Dig it up to discover the murder weapon.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests

The place where the murder weapon is hidden.

So you will find out the truth. It remains to report the guard to her and untie the seized Taruka. As a reward, you will receive 750 EXP and a combat tunic Yavaya.

Ancient science

You need to chat with a guy named Avil in a house located in the upper left corner of Paytiti, on a small island in the middle of a pond. In this case, Lara should be dressed in the costume of the Snake Guard. The desired marks will appear on the map.

Examine the three murals located in these zones. Go back to Avila and talk to him. Follow the ritual place in an abandoned village where you need to save the girl.

Kill the enemies, then go back to where you started the task, in order to receive the bow «Eagle Heart» as a reward.


This task can be taken at the location of the Mission of St. Juan. You will find yourself next to Sarah, Abby’s girlfriend, with whom you need to talk about the plot. A man stands near her.

If you talk to him, then you can take the current task associated with the salvation of Isabella.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quests


Go to the cemetery, where you will talk to the woman, next to which stands the children. They need to somehow distract. Search the cemetery and find a cache in one of the walls. Dig up the trinkets and give them to the children, stating that these are treasures. Now help the woman restore the cross, go up to him and look through the hole.

After that, using the survival instinct, move along the path of these crosses, which will lead you to the crypt. To open it, you will need to press on a wooden cross in a huge stone cross.

Finding inside Isabella, get out of the crypt and tell Guillermo everything. Go to Manu, who will tell you where to look for the Mayan ruins (which are the tombs of the “Thirsty Gods” test). On how to go through these crypt and tomb, we described in detail in separate manuals.

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