Shadow of the Tomb Raider: How to complete all tomb trials

Tomb trials – a secondary task, allowing Lara to explore the ancient caves, to show their climbing skills and solve different puzzles in order to unlock one of the additional skills. There are nine tombs, accordingly you can get nine bonus skills.

By the way, for completing all the tombs Lara will receive the title of «tomb Raider» (also this game).

Look From The Judge

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

The tomb, which you will discover on the territory of the Peruvian jungle. Get closer to her door and destroy the obstacle ahead using the arrow. Move forward, jump over a ravine, throwing axes, and then go down into the water.

The next obstacle – a sculpture, around which is impossible. First, find the room a mural to raise the level of knowledge of the local dialect of Quechua, and then go up the hill on your right and jump to the device is a counterbalance. After gathering the necessary resources, move forward along the wooden bridge, swim under water and keep going straight until you find a new mural. From here go down and find the main cave tombs with the main mystery.

Using counterweights, Lara must raise the stairs leading to the mural with the ability.

To start move the trolley on the left side, so that the counterweight was raised, and the statue fell down. The truck should be located right near the stairs. Go to the stairs and release the arrow in the sculpture on the left side that will allow to fix the rope. The cart, located on, set to the place where the default was the first thing that will allow you to grasp a raised counterweight. Climb above the left side and lower the counterweight.

The same method should be used in order to raise another sculpture on the right side. Then it remains to use the stairs, studying the mural, having the ability, and leave the tomb.

The Gates Of The Underworld

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

Located in the Peruvian jungle. During the story part of the game you will find the first camp fire near the scene of the crash, on a small hill. Move towards the marker that will appear when you’re close to the right place. Crawl under the roots of trees, got out outside, go ahead and find a cliff. Here have to climb a tree branch and take a running jump to another to continue using ice axes to catch a rock.

Go down below and disable the trap, then pick up the backpack geographer, which will automatically plot some important markers.

Move up the hill, where at the branches of the trees will be on the opposite side. In the end, would have to go down as low as possible on the rope, then swing and jump towards the ledge. Check your local camp, inspect the wall on the right side and look up to see the point at which one can grasp an ice pick.

Thus, cross to the opposite side.

On the right hand between the walls there is a passage leading into a small room. In the hall on the right side there is a ledge allowing you to climb higher. You can go two ways: either on a wooden bridge right side, which leads outside, or the left path deeper into the tomb.

Descend down the wall or take a running jump over to the other side, being on the bottom platform. Climbing the tree, jump forward and hang the ice axe for a tree branch. On the left side you can find a small cave with useful items and gold ore.

Move on a fallen tree and find the main puzzle.

In the process of solving any difficulties should arise. You should rotate the device counterclockwise until then, until you get the rope to connect two opposite sides. Go there, pull the lever next to the second device and activate the platform on the crane.

Go back and turn the first device so that it was in the initial position. Connect and platform, using the same rope.

Again move to the second lever and pull it. Within seconds the rope will hold the platform, so you will have time real quick to jump on it. After moving to the platform follow down and look at the mural. Jump on the rock on the right side of the girls get to the rocks you need to catch the axes.

At this point, the tomb begins to crumble, you will fall stones right and left. When will pass the first stone, then jump in the right direction and climb up. Here is the fresco in the study which rasplachivaetsya a new skill.

Howling Caves

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

The tomb trials located in Kuvak-Yak. Here’s one! You either explore the location independently and find a cave, or talking with one of the townspeople, after which the map will be a corresponding note. In order to get to your destination, safely jump off the cliff into the abyss, hitting the pond.

Can explore the bottom of the reservoir to collect many useful items.

Move forward and at the end of the cave you will find a sharp descent. Lara will roll down and you will need time to press the jump key, then stick ice picks into the rock. Clinging to her, hang on the rope as low as possible and begin to swing, to jump on a small area.

It is important to have time to grab the ledge on the wall and go down even lower.

Follow to a small hole in the wall, through which Lara can crawl to the other side. next, you will find another descent and battle with wild beasts. After completing the fight successfully, view the mural and move to the side of the cliff with the fire. Shoot an arrow to a rope could move to the other side.

Move to the top and explore the cave on the left side, where the hidden stash. On another trail you can reach the main hall of the tomb, where, as always, need to solve a puzzle. Examine the cave and find three levers, which open special doors.

With their help, you will be able to extinguish the fire on the bridge in order to remove obstacles.

To start interact with the first device and grab the swinging pendulum. Pick the time with strong gusts of wind and jump to the other side. Using a second device to open the gate to pass the hill on the opposite side.

Go there and calculate the time required for action when a strong gust of wind. Shoot an arrow at the top of the pendulum, which, together with the barrier move and open the passage further.

Go back to the second device, to close the gate, because of the strong flow of the wind, Lara can fall off the bridge. Move to the last device, but do not open it, because here prevents third swinging equipment. Attach the rope to the pendulum and open the gate of the second device.

Extinguish the fire, inspect the mural and received a skill, select the outside.

The Path Of Battle

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

This tomb is located in the Secret city. Go to the Western side and near the entrance to the crypt, find the tomb trials. Follow to the lake and dive under the water to find a narrow passage forward.

Move through the flooded area, select on the surface and see the mural in the camp. Your path lies behind him. Use the device to pass through the gate, climb the ledge on the left side and overcome obstacles by jumping up the mountain.

Attach a rope and go down, where you need to swing and jump on.

Next, examine the mural and use another lever to pass through the next gate. Downstairs, here, the column will put in place traps that will rotate counterclockwise. In total there are two passage on the left and right hands. Each path will lead you to the device to temporarily deactivate traps, but letting out immovable obstructions.

No matter where you decide to go in the first place. Go to the device, interact with it and, without stopping in place, follow through the barriers and grab the lever to remove the part of the column. In the same way do on the other side.

When the convoy stops, you will be able to rise to the top and interact with the mural, to get the ability.

Ancient Aqueduct

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

Another tomb in a Secret city. This time we are talking about the top of Paytiti. After the video inside the temple follow in the direction of target the story of the quest. Before the bridge turn left and head down the cliff. More on the story will need to go to the right side by jumping on the beam, but you go left into the cave.

Inside dive under the water and move forward. Don’t forget to replenish oxygen in the air pockets. Once out of the water, climb the cliff using ice picks, then inspect the relic on the right side and move on.

In the new part of the cave jump to the ledge on the right side and pick up useful items. Under water there was nothing, so climb to the ledge above and examine the mural. Go straight on the left hand finds the camp.

Jump into the next pond, gather useful resources and in the next room to discover the mystery of tomb.

First, we start the device to fill the pool with water and raise to the surface the raft. Follow below and interact with the lever under water that will allow you to open the floodgate and drain the pond. Move the raft closer to the gate and connect two objects using a rope.

Go back to the device and run it to open the way forward.

Swim under water in the next room, find a lever, similar to the previous one and will drain the reservoir. Shoot an arrow at the barrier, removing it from the passage, to return to the previous room. Lara will be attacked by enemies. Defeating them, slide the raft into the next room and fill the basin with water, using the first device.

The raft must be located near the left wall. Go upstairs, take the ammo and move to the next room. Keep killing the enemies trying to stop Lara.

Then begins the last stage of the puzzle. Activate the lever at the beginning of the hall to raise the water level in the tank. On the right side there is a wheel with blades. Go to the raft and fire a shot from a bow by the rope on the wheel. This will result in movement of the raft, and you can get to obstacles.

In the center of the room there is a platform that can be bound by a rope with the wheel. Shoot the hook near a platform, then otbeytes from opponents and cut the rope. While you fight with the natives, the raft will move away from the Central pillar, which you have to climb until the rope broke.

As soon as the raft starts moving, shoot the hook and jump into the water. Climb on the pillar, follow him to the platform and go into the room with the fresco.

On the right side of the mural is on the rise. In the end it has a rope that allows you to get out. If you decide to return the same way, you have to follow the same steps that we described earlier, but in reverse order.

The Temple Of The Sun

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

The entrance to this tomb, located near the Secret city Paytiti, located in the water. Need to go to the southern part of the city (upper map) and explore the house. One of those is a smaller pool that led into the cave.

Look around the cave and climb up. Here you can break the destructible wall and go inside the tombs of the test. Move through various obstacles, moving around rocks to reach the temple.

Gathering resources and relics, will visit the fresco in the aisle in the room with the mystery.

The room has four mirrors. First look at the entrance from the South-East side, the second – in the Northwest corner, third and fourth – in the North-East and South-West. In the water you can not fall, otherwise Lara will die.

It is important to remember the numbering!

Let’s get set up mirrors. For a start, expand the first mirror so that it was directed on the left column. Move to the fourth mirror, and configure it so that the beam of light hit the column, located near the third mirror. Go back to the first lever and adjust the light beam to the column, located near the first and third mirrors. Next you need to deploy the device with the first mirror on the right side to get to the third.

Here, turn the third lever by rotating it counterclockwise, in the direction of the adjacent column.

Follow back to the first device and activate a column to the fourth mirror. Get there, expand the mechanism to the same column (look for crystal at the bottom). Adjust the light beam of the first device by turning to the column next to the second.

Go to the mirror and aim the light beam in a counterclockwise direction to the nearest column, mounted on center.

Let all this sounds complicated and confusing, but during the game you will quickly understand that here to what. After seeing the mural, you will unlock the ability, and then be able to get out. The desired passage is located between the fourth and second mirrors.

You have to climb up the wall on the right side.

San Cordoba

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

The only tomb of the test, which you will visit a Cenote. This place was once visited by Spanish colonists who were shipwrecked, so here you will find a huge and fearsome Galleon. Head towards the tomb through the flooded area. At the fork you will need to go right because the path to the left will take you out of the cave.

Be careful, because under water it is possible to detect a few Moray eels. Don’t forget to use air pockets to replenish the oxygen supply.

After leaving the water, you will see the camp. Entrance inside the tomb barred by wooden beams, so you have to move loaded cart to the left, then push the gun forward. Beating the ship with the right hand, push the raft fall into the water.

It will rise on the deck of the Galleon, where is the lever that deploys the sail and sveshivalis gun above the cabin.

On the opposite side of the ship is way underwater. Climb on deck and see the sails associated with the mast. Now move it impossible.

On the left side of the mast in the rock there is a hole. Follow this path to the edge and untie the rope. To go back to the deck, climb the stairs of rope on the floor above and from there jump on the rock. By means of a lever, expand the sail on the deck so that it was possible to climb to the top of the mast.

Get familiar with the gun, which falls into the cabin and open the way inside.

The Tree Of Life

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

This tomb is on the location of the «Mission San Juan». To find the entrance inside near another tomb in this region, near the place where you propose to hunt a Royal leopard (which you’ll learn from local residents; the conversation will appear a marker on the map).

Near the entrance is a relic, a camp and a merchant. To go inside, destroy the barrier at the end of the journey and went down into the cave. After a few twists you’ll see a new puzzle type, associated with combustible gas.

You can’t go any further if the path is blocked by the gas, but can use it to push a variety of platforms. Shoot fire arrows, if you want to ignite the gas.

When will be the first platform that you want to move to Lahr, you will be attacked by the natives. Note that they will appear several times. Collect ammo and resources. Allows you to craft arrows. Follow down and shake the new platform.

When she gets near, then jump up and shoot again. After seeing the mural, untie the third platform. They are all connected, and between them there is a wooden device behind which Lara can grab onto with the help of ice axes that will allow you to move to the opposite side.

Ahead you will find the last riddle. For a start cut the rope restraining the platform, and on the other side, open access to a combustible gas. Jump on the nearest platform to get to the second. Shoot the gas and get back on the ledge.

Defeating opponents, you will be able to study the mural, earning the new bonus skill to get out.

Thirsting Gods

How to complete all tomb trials in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the tomb.

Tomb test is on the location of the «Mission San Juan». Looking ahead, I will say that here a total of two pieces. To know the exact location of the tomb easier: the fact that you will have to visit it on the only side mission given location (Destiny), and it will happen in the second part of the task after the passage of one of the crypts. To get to the entrance to the tomb, go to the southern region region. There you will find a wooden bridge with a sign prohibiting the passage.

Go left to find the lake. Dive into it and follow in the place indicated on the map.

The entrance is under water, but you have to escape from the piranhas and eels. Hide from fish, hiding in the bushes at the bottom and choosing routes on which they do not swim. When they reached the hall, inspect the mural, collect resources and climb the rocks to the right, where he found the lever.

Activating it with a bow, you will drain the container and able to pass on.

Go straight until you see the spacious room. Swim under the water and avoiding the piranhas, detach the two raft by cutting the ropes. Rope one of them is hidden to the left at the bottom of the locked door, inside the niche. To go further, turn the lever on the water wheel in a clockwise direction.

Follow the platform to the wheel, where the rope, stand by and shot the metal circle above the gate, which also has a rope. Thus, you will connect between devices. Again activate the lever, which controlled the water flow.

The wheel will start to rotate, but not in a hurry to leave! If you leave everything as it is, the rope will break and the door will close again. You have to wait for the perfect tensioning of the rope, when the passage is opened, and then again to disable the rotation of the wheel, using the same lever.

We go inside, go upstairs and examine the mural, offering a new bonus skill.

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