Shadow of the Tomb Raider: How to complete all the tombs

In addition to the tombs of the Shadow the trials of the Tomb Raider offers gamers to explore a few tombs (a total of 10 pieces) to each of them to find the sarcophagus with a unique outfit for Lara (shoes, clothes, weapon). And we will tell you where to find these tombs and what reward you will get when you open the sarcophagus.

The first thing I want to draw your attention: in contrast to the tombs of the test the game does not notify you that you «passed the crypt…» etc. Just try to explore every length and breadth, but most importantly – get and open the sarcophagus! On them we will focus in our guide.

And last point: many crypts not immediately «take by force». Some of them require special equipment that you get later in the game. Thus, we recommend their passage at the conclusion of the storyline.

On-site Peruvian jungle you can find two crypt.

To get into the first crypt, available in accordance with the development of the plot of the game, wait for the moment of the reunion of Lara and Jonah.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

The entrance is to the right of the waterfall, but once inside it is impossible. Do this after you find all the basic tools equipment Lara – knife, the bow and the axes. Go back and take a running jump towards the branch, to cling to it and to get to the entrance.

Remove obstacles using the arrow with a rope, and then go inside.

Next you will lay the first casket with the relic inside a gravestone. Located slightly to the right of the mural: both subjects will allow to increase the level of knowledge of the dialect of Quechua. To move forward, shoot a bow rope knot and destroy the barrier ahead.

In the tunnel to the left is a trap you need to disarm by cutting the rope or running under the spikes sandwiched In C. this place will be a few more of these traps, so be careful.

Take another heirloom (elongated skull), and turn to the right to get between two walls. There will be two levers. Right of them will open a way out from the crypt, and left the passage inside it. Therefore, activate both and after the interaction with the left arm rise to the top.

To do this, go around the platform, sitting behind her, to discover the white patches. Recall that such a coloring of points on the obstacles which Lara can climb up. Next, you are waiting for the next trap, located between the two sculptures.

Will need to jump forward, otherwise Lara will die.

Get rid of the other traps, use the lever and go forward. The platform will be higher, so you need to jump to a rock and not to grab the ice axes. Climb up, focusing on white paint, and open the sarcophagus.

Behind him there is a passage in which the hidden relic (the rich redemption) and gold bullion.

The second crypt in the Peruvian jungle is a little further.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

The General location of each of them, we pointed out some of the screenshots, so focused on him. Follow down and interact with the lever to open the way into the left tunnel. Get familiar with the trap, inspect the mural and turn to the right.

At the beginning of the next trap, so I can just take a running start to jump over it.

Inspect the rock to study the picture, then take a few steps, moving along the wall opposite the picture, the lever. This will allow you to find a secret room where various resources and map archivist, marking the interesting objects on the mini-map of Lara. Go back and go down to the crypt. There’s no way back, so follow in the narrow passage between the rocks to get to the new room.

Collecting gold ore from the wall, move above, using the tabs, shoot an arrow at a rope knot through the hole and leave the crypt. I hope you did not forget to open the sarcophagus?

Kuvak-Yak will give you two more crypt. To get into first of them, go to the left part of the map where the local tavern.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

You can get there two ways: based on the screenshot, below, left, or running the only side quest in Kuvak-Yak, and then will need to talk with the old lady on the street. She says that he does not trust the local looters, but Lara is not like them, therefore worthy to know the location of the crypt.

Go inside the cave and move under water to the next aisle. Collect gold and a few plants that will complete the test At the bottom. Get on land and go through the cave until you are at the camp. Lara will see a barrier in front of him, but you can destroy it using fire arrow.

In the new room there is a map archivist, marking the useful objects on the map of Lara, as well as the mural, raising the level of knowledge of dialects. Go forward until you find yourself at a destroyed bridge. You need to be careful.

When you approach him, the boards beneath the girl’s feet will begin to break down, causing it to fall down. Avoid traps of spears, dodging to the sides – right, left, right, jump and the button E.

After examining the crypt and open the sarcophagus go back to the bridge itself. Jump through it and throw ice axes to grab the rock. Press E, otherwise Lara will fall down.

Climb up, moving the white paint and re-throw the ice axes to grab the wall.

The second crypt in Kuvak-Yak near the only tomb trials. For access to the interior would require a shotgun, which you’ll find far in the game. When you find it, then return back and open the entrance to the crypt.

Inside is nothing difficult – unlock the sarcophagus and pick up the equipment.

As in the case with the tombs of the test, The secret city Paytiti abounds with crypts. Here they are just five pieces!

The first crypt in Paytiti you may find that being in the city.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

Hitting follow on the right side and find the lift up. Using the rope, move to the other side, to overcome the lake. Move up the cliff and at the top finds a way inside.

Disarm the first trap near the entrance and move on. In the room with the waterfalls, look at the mural, then can either jump into the pond, or to go down the stairs on the left side. On the way in the second case, it is possible to find gold ore.

Immersed in water, find the underwater part of the treasure and follow in the direction of the luminous spot between two rocks (narrow the gap).

Move in the direction of the flooded crypt, do not forget to look at air pockets. At the end of it from the right side will rise. The door on the left protected by a barrier.

Turn to the right, disarm the trap and pick up a map archivist. Go back to the fork and destroy the obstacle to get to the sarcophagus. To search the next room, you’ll need a reinforced knife.

The corresponding upgrade is one of their dealers Paytiti.

Go up any steps, examine the crypt, and behind it you will find a ladder leading out.

The second crypt in Paytiti will be examined during the passage of the side quest, «Hearts and minds». About it we will tell you in a separate article.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

The third crypt in Paytiti it is possible to detect the moment when you will move to the place of detention Onorato.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

Look for it to the right of the wooden bridge. Stand near the edge so that Lara could jump and grab the ledge. Move to the left, holding it, jump and press E to grab the ice axes.

Go down the rope to swing and jump on. Head down the corridor inside the cave, inspect the figure on the cliff and follow the cliff. Cling to the counterweight that will lead the heroine in the crypts.

To leave the crypt, you will have to spend a little more time. Move into the open doorway, removing the various traps on the way. At the fork you need to turn to the right, raise the jade and back.

This time go another route to get to the exit. There is need to examine the mural and to study the relic before to break the obstacle in front. Disarm another trap. And to get out, shoot archery for wooden flaps and it get higher.

At the top you can get out.

The fourth crypt in Paytiti located near the tomb trials «of the Ancient Aqueduct of» the upper part of the city.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

In accordance with the story quest you will have to go on the right path, but to find the crypt, go to the left side and look into the cave. After a few words from Lara jump forward and grab the rock, so that later the rope to follow even lower. Go deep into the underground caves, head down the corridors until you find yourself in a spacious hall. Climb up using the ledges and rocks, and then activate the mechanism on the right side. Open the way forward, but the cave will be flooded.

Examine the crypt and dive into the water. Leave the crypt the same way how I got here, not forgetting to use air pockets.

The fifth vault in Paytiti can be detected through the coordinates that will inform one of the townswomen.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

The crypt is located in the West of the city, near one of the tomb trials. Find the entrance inside a small cave in the northwestern part of Paytiti, turn left and go forward until you see the lake. Climb the tree on the right side, follow the ledges in the mountain, and will be at the entrance inside.

Disarm the trap and loot the relic. In the new room there is another relic and the entrance inside the cave. Go to the fork and right to find the gold ore. Go below to discover the mural and the third relic.

Destroy the obstacle and continue. The path to the crypt will offer you to perform some acrobatic pirouettes. Upstairs, inspect the premises. If you do not want to go back the same route, then move up.

Previously in the next room to find the relic, and jade.

On location «Mission San Juan«you can only find single crypt.

How to get all the crypts in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The location of the crypt.

Search for it enough to take the only side quest «Destiny». Go inside the crypt and use the rope to follow below. By grabbing the right ledge, press C. Then either jump into the water or get down even lower, using a rope.

In the water you can find jade. Then talk to Isabella and inspect the sarcophagus. On the left side the wall has a hole. Crawl through it, find the mural and turn right.

Another trail will take you out of the crypt, but don’t hurry – in front of the trap. Having dealt with it, remove the obstacle using the shotgun. On the left side from it there is a relic, and in the end jade.

Go back and head through the hole in the wall. On the way to the exit of the crypt you will find a couple of relics. Upstairs wait of two new traps in the form of collapsing floors and wooden pendulum, for which you need time and, most importantly, just to shoot.

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