Secrets of quick pumping in Clash of Kings

A few tips, knowing which you can noticeably overtake beginners in the COK)
Do not spend gold at the training stage or to speed up the construction of buildings on the first levels, despite the small price.
Develop all areas of military craft, placing a bet on the quality of the army, and not its quantitative preponderance.
With an increase in the level of the lord, do not forget to spend experience points on skill leveling. Try to focus on one branch of skills. To pumping a new skill, the previous one needs to be improved to the maximum, keep this in mind.
Long-term processes are planned for implementation at a time when you can not visit the game (for example, at night).
Improve the buildings, and then the castle.
Take into account the time of the timers, so as to effectively calculate the time before the arrival of the enemy.
The number of slots for building behind the castle walls is limited — think what can be demolished and what should be built first.
Build more military tents to train a large number of soldiers. First, do not build many sawmills, after all, after 10 and 15 levels can be replaced with iron and mithril mines.
Learn the sciences in college, first of all learn the Legion.
Team play is the key to success.

Joining the alliance is the key to success in the Clash of Kings game.
While your castle is not pumped to level 6, it should be moved closer to the construction of the alliance, using free teleportation. Next, the teleport will have to be bought for coins in the store.
Unreasonable actions in relation to other players can provoke aggression on their part not only to you, but also to the alliance.
Make your contribution to the science of the alliance, getting for it glory points that you can spend in the store.
Leaders monitor the contribution of each member to science. Do not be of use — most likely you will be excluded from the alliance.