Search service games at the best prices Hot Game distributes Christmas gifts for 24 000 rubles

Hot Game service that allows you to search among a large collection of video game stores at the best prices. In honor of the New year, the owners of the site organize contests where the total value of prizes exceeds 24 000.

Details await you in the official group Hot Game «Vkontakte». Raffles are divided into two categories. The first competition «repost», where you just need to join a group of Hot Game and to share the post with your friends.

The second category — game quest. Hot Game will publish a question where the answer would be a definite game. Need to find this game in the catalog of the service — in this page, you will see the following question.

Prizes will be given to one who first goes all the way, and spit out a list of the links and answers in the comments.

For the contest «repost» give Just Cause 4 and 10 games for 150 rubles from the library Hot Game. The winner in game quest games rely on 2 000 from Hot Game, game to 1 500 roubles from SteamPay, certificate for 1 500 rubles from Roxen and Just Cause 4 and Asterix Obelix XXL 2 from «Buka».

In addition, the game a quest will appear branching and hiding places, in which you can find even more gifts.

Key date — 30 Dec. This day will summarize the results of the contest «repost» and start the quest via group Hot Game «Vkontakte».

Service Hot Game you can watch the games in several stores and instantly see the most favorable prices. The catalog is tracked more than 20 sites. Each has passed the test, so Hot Game vouches for their trustworthiness.

In addition, the service lets you know if your PC meets the system requirements of Hot Game automatically compares the characteristics you have indicated in your profile with the requirements of the game and warns if something is not right.

Example of the use of Hot Game — pre-order Metro: Exodus 1 619 rubles. Steam shooter is more expensive — 1 999 rubles.

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